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Decatur ninety five look for the big blue sign right around the back are tenants will be there to pick up and take everything out of your car for you to cater in the ninety five rate there okay so that I I I got that down I'm gonna make sure that we do that and when we go back to Phoenix Christine is got a ton of stuff I mean I thought you know guys don't really have close once they look at their wives or girlfriends closet like we think we have close but then we look at their closet first off there because it goes all the way around our closet like if we have to like areas that it's wall to wall like wood hangers were feeling good about ourselves now I know there's some of my buddies that are the dapper dressers dressers that have the you know the shelves and everything like that because the world coming for the love of god and set them up and they've got all these different shoes all situated I mean I've got a few shoe racks full into the day I look at those two and I'm like yeah probably were six parodies and that's about it at a you know the the fifteen twenty pairs where a lot of you know as people out here content issues icon basketball shoes for leather jackets most minor high tops but you know I I enjoy you know mixing and matching it is kind of cool when you're into a sports industry you're able to get away with a lot more where like that what a casual studio site like here on property but when I go into the Ghazi stadium or over designers are gonna make sure that I at least dressed the part unless of course biggest golden knights are in action you in L. vis in action and I'm going to dress according to whatever teams in action as well we love that and I know you have a lot of groups that pay special attention to opportunity village and that includes U. L. V. that includes the Vegas golden knights but it also includes the new kid on the block here the raiders yeah you know it's the that that that the town can you see the vault over the years which you know started with this rich history of you all the basketball and look how fast we've grown up now we have professional sports just continues to boom and boom and guess what when the raiders kickoff that first home game in Las Vegas just a mad what the energy is going to be like it's gonna be epic and I'm telling you when you take it comes back and it's gonna be bigger better stronger meaner and leaner than it's ever been okay so let's go now because we don't know as far as the vents because things are been put on hold and I know there's a lot of events you know throughout the year that opportunity villages involved in but we do know that October and December those are really the two biggest dates as far as to where we know that your property is going to the one property over there by the college is just going to be inundated with visitors tell everybody a little bit about how Levin and also the magical forest because there's so many people that have moved into Vegas over the last several months that may not have a clue on how big time you guys are for the special holidays especially for the kids yeah can you send a great Wyrley on before I came on about bringing your daughter to the magical porcelain fifteen plus years ago and the natural forces really just this long standing family tradition in southern Nevada going on twenty five plus years now it's just a great way to come over and see over two million whites ride the rides absent funnel cake it's a more full food ride the train and just spend time with your family a wonderful environment that's going to gear up right around on the Saturday after thanksgiving but the precursor that can as you mention is how will beam which kicks off about October fifteenth and again it's great to see the families the kids the parents are dressing up all their Halloween costume so I'm pretty sure I'm being optimistic we're gonna get through all this are against review back stronger than ever ever walking people back to the magical force right on Oakey Boulevard there you go one thing I love about the magical forest as you do have so many corporations and even mom and pop shops stepping up and making donations to where they have their own little light up tree or was lonely at all a set of lights like somewhere around and that's the coolest thing is as you're walking around and there's just all these lights like you to only two million lives but there's little sections everywhere whether somebody has a tree or they have something else to wear their corporation is there and I loved it when I saw you know the cold nights at one the raiders had stuff there and it was so cool to see that you know just going wow this is where I live this makes me feel happy because I know that these corporations that I've heard about but they're stepping up and they're donating to a cause opportunity village yeah we have over a hundred fifty sponsors in the natural force or fundraising team right now Kim is calling every single one of those organizations in those organizations can could be small businesses as many as as few as two people all the way up to some of the major gaming companies for calling everyone of them one by one just checking on them and their families making sure they're faring well during the crisis that we're in so we're cursing everyone this was the night come this fall please come on bishop the magical force right there okay and rainbow okay so is everything sees now as far as there's no chance to get any catering going nothing right now as far as at opportunity village itself as far as all the campuses Adam yeah right now there's two ways that that you need to get involved in the first and foremost as we really are critical need of funds right now so the listing tonight.

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