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If he's going to start or not. Byu to eleven thousand and nine picks as a sophomore at byu. I don't believe he was on it. How could he be on radar with those numbers. I don't i don't know might get. He was on our radar. Like well. I think you have to say that. Yeah we knew about him. It's like ben. Volen covers the patriots for the boston globe. And he said what ninety nine percent of us probably thought but didn't say or wouldn't say that is. I thought that cam newton was gonna be the starter. He covers the patriot so when all these analysts go. Yep i could see this one coming. No no no. You didn't or you would said tom curren came out. He said here this a no brainer. He should be. Don't be surprised. But he didn't know nobody knew cam. Newton was gonna be released. But when when you say yeah that guy. Czar radar all right mack. Mack jones was on your radar. I don't know i'm hearing. That mclovin has a college quarterback crush a guy who think nobody who will be somebody in four-mile die teams hearing rumblings. I act. I would bet paulie. I wanna quarterback okay. I will give him. Pf fs number two quarterback. Sam how how about we take a break. Okay yes take a break. We have to find out what's at stake because we just don't make bets on this show. There's always there's always a repercussions injury embarrassment humiliation or a pie to the face. You love a good story. Great then you gotta check out the hashtag storytime podcast each episode brings you the craziest creepiest. And cringes stories from youtube to talk. Read it beyond my stories about the time that i was broken up with at the nine eleven memorial twice. The internet is a dumpster full of stories. And i your host will mcfadden dive in headfirst sift through the flaming trash and bring you nothin' but treasures listened to all twenty one episodes of hashtag storytime now on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. The stories that are affecting the black community are being covered on the black information network. Not a show or a podcast. Bin is a twenty four seven news network covering stories from a black perspective. Listen to the black information that work on the iheartradio app and get news four and by the black community anywhere anytime keeping you informed keeping you engaged the black information network and b. i n. News dot com strawberry spring based on a short story by stephen. Is someone there. There was a murder campus. Have you heard the news just now. The radio spring. Jack is back produced by audio of media and i listened to strawberry spring on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast..

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