Space Force, Russia, President Biden discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


6 23 and President Biden has added a stop in Poland to his upcoming trip to Europe for urgent talks with NATO and European allies Biden will travel first to Brussels and then on to Poland on Friday in Brussels Biden will meet with NATO allies G 7 leaders in European Union leaders to talk about humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and economic sanctions on Russia In Poland he'll talk about how the U.S. and its allies are responding to the crises in Ukraine The Space Force is taking a new approach to military fitness federal news network Scott Marion has more Physical fitness tests are a classic staple in the military however the Space Force says next year will do away with the exams Instead the service will rely on constant biometric monitoring of guardians to ensure they stay ready The Space Force says it will use a holistic and data driven approach so its service members are physically and mentally fit unlike the other services the Space Force is focused more on digital applications and troops most likely will not be in physical combat situations Scott marioni federal news network If it was long before Instagram or Facebook it's only 30 years since the first photo ever was posted on the World Wide Web and a local musician was in that picture Back in the early 1990s Lynn Verona was living in Europe and part of an all woman singing group the sonettes one night backstage they struck a pose and someone snapped a photo When that picture was uploaded on July 18th 1992 it became the first photo ever on the World Wide Web on the first ever band web page There were some scientific images on the Internet but at that point nobody was using photos on the web for art entertainment or general communication That's hadn't occurred until it did As for why sharing photos has become so ubiquitous It's worth a thousand words Money.

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