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Unsolved murders true crime stories was created by Max Cutler in developed by run Cutler. It is a production of Cutler media and is part of the par cast network. It is produced by Mackson Ron Cutler sound design by Ron Shapiro and Kenny Hobbs with production assistance by carry Murphy additional production assistance by Maggie add Meyer and Carli Madden unsolved murders as written by a mean Osman and stars Carter, Roy and windy McKenzie. The amazing cast a voice actors includes by alphabetical order Amber Conner, Sarah Miller crews, Steve Pinto, Greg Poulsen, Vanessa Richardson, and Daniel Velazquez. Finding the broad this rate for you doesn't have to be difficult ThirdLove's along as you're a brand that offers bras in sizes AA three G sounds like they have a wide variety of options to choose from a really do find your perfect-fitting bra today. Go to ThirdLove dot com slash unsolved and get 15 percent off your first purchase. That's ThirdLove dot com slash unsolved ThirdLove dot com slash unsolved. And don't forget to catch the premier of the new podcast podcast. Conspiracy theories Carter is one of the hosts, So you know, It will be a great show. Thanks, Wendy. My co host Molly and I will be sharing the complex stories behind the world's most controversial vents research for what really happened. You don't wanna miss it. The show premiers January 31st Visit Apple podcasts, tune in Spotify google play or wherever you listen to podcasts and search for conspiracy theories Or visit Park cast dot com slash conspiracy. That's Park cast P A R C, A S T dot com slash conspiracy.

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