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A Nas X. comes in house seventeen weeks. There's money so my question to you is will oh country make hey tell me nothing. Drivers Slash remakes fast remain. We'll that last twenty four years as time song on the billboard hot one hundred. I'm tempted to say yes. It's not like I'm going to be around a terrier. I'm telling you wrong. I'm tended to say yes. I mean this. This doesn't happen very often but you know what's interesting. Though is that when Mariah Carey and Boyz demand hit number one their measurements for songs peaking number one was significantly mificantly different now they include video replays spotify streaming all this you had to go out and buy one sweet yeah yeah. Everybody's not running out and buying the physically go play your music yes which was better. Actually I mean I know it's more convenient now but I think the record store experience mattered cuts start in late new sample CDs stuff before your bottom hit hours. Yeah I have money like am I going by tribe called quest or am I going by outkast well. You'd also look at what other people were listening to as well and that would give you ideas. It was a communal experience. I still do it by still go to bieber records in Hollywood Hollywood and just roll like an hour and I come out with like I finally <hes> Duke Ellington Ella Fitzgerald L._P.. From back in the day and I was like I asking people say he's the guy with the parrot on his shoulder. Still they're having seen him. Do you know who I'm talking about. There's this guy in Amoeba. That was a regular were there would be there every single time I came in and he would just be wandering the aisles and he had this paranoid show that was his thing that was his thing. I really quick couple. More people want to weigh in on Arnold and three the hard way and honor of his birthday happy seventy second to Arnold Pat in North Hollywood. What's up what's up guys? I get the the movie thing and that's awesome. The answers Conan the barbarian by the way he's the king eighteen the one liners and I think that's what we should be celebrating. I don't even know if I knew what a one liner was before the Arnold era and my personal favorite is from <hes> <hes> kind of forgotten one called raw deal. Oh yeah I really he comes in and his wife's all angry and she's making a cake and they go through this thing thing and he goes where we having for dinner..

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