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A season with Durant. Totally agree. But we're more playing for next season. We'll have these three guys together. Kyrie will either opt in or will we sign somehow the Kyrie situation will work itself out because that's what happens with Kyrie, just works itself out all the time. You can count on that happening. Reliable guy. And we'll have our whole team back and all of that. But like we've seen in the NBA, these windows close so fast and guys make decisions that you don't necessarily expect. Kyrie will have suitors in free agency if he opts out of that contract. 100% you will have suitors. Like, I don't know who they are. I have an inkling. I would give in the way that Nick's season has gone. You think they're going to rule out making a run at Kyrie, depending on what the vaccination law is. I don't know. I'll believe that when I see it, I guess. Like you just never know. And they salvaged so they had the hardened trade, which made them the greatest theoretical team of all time. That fell apart. They trade Hardin, they salvage like trading a star, you've gone over this morning, like you usually just get killed in those trades. You usually take a bunch of assets that don't turn into enough and you've lost the trade and your whole franchise is set back. Will they salvage that with another maybe star we'll see how Simmons is for them, but you can only do that so many times before you start diluting your talent. If they just fail this year, the clock is not ticking, it's already been taking and now it's accelerating. And Durant's Durant was in the 2007 draft. Look at the guy, look at the guys from look at his peers from that era. Westbrook, Blake Griffin, Derek rose, Al Horford, Jeff Green, three ants old. He doesn't seem like he's old, but he is. He's this is year 15. So I know there's a lot of years messing around here. I finally melted down on TV last week because we again did the segment about can the nets make a run in the east. And I said, I'm so tired. I'm just tired. I'm tired of who's ramping up, who's rampant down what the laws are, who doesn't want to be there, what injury might be real, what injury might be fake. So guys, look at the standings. At that time, the nets are 8th. There are 500. We do this segment every day and every day they lose. Like how much of a run can they make? Oh, they just lost to the hornets last night, or they just lost to the raptors. The record, what are they? 32 and 33 they're now 500. What's that streak they're on there? I'd say they're like three and 12 or something. When they win, I'm like holy shit they won. That's where they are. That's what the streak is. They've reached the holy shit they won portion of their season. Their first game in the play and when they were 8th was going to be in Toronto where Kyrie can't play. Like why are we all acting as if it's a fait accompli that they're in the playoffs, let alone making a run in the playoffs. Let me ask you this though, Kevin. You know, it's coming. The wizards. Porzingis is back. The wizards are 29 and 34. Brooklyn's 32 and 33. They're all the game behind him in the lost calm and they're the 11 seed, but how do we know Brooklyn's gonna make the playoffs? We don't. Okay, so as the season goes on, I still watch every team in monitor every team, but certain teams just go to the back of your brain and their current season ceases to have any meaning to you. And you just say the cupboard shut they're gone. I'm watching to see how abdia and hachimura play together. I'm not checking the stand. I can't, you can't get the wizards from the back of my brain to the front anymore. They're gone. I can't even do it. Let me ask you this. The nets, yeah. I've been thinking a lot about what is their best 5 if they have Simmons back, okay? And Kyrie can play every game, which is, I don't know if that's ever going to happen. But or he's playing. So I think for our Kyrie curry or if not curry pick mills or drag it to whoever you want of like the little guy shooter archetype. Let's just say curry. Kyrie curry Durant Simmons. And then question mark. And that question mark has been gnawing at me because when you look at it, it's either another undersized shooter like mills or drag at your dragon is not a shooter shooter, but you know what I mean? Like another undersized defense challenged guy. It's a wing who fits that profile that you want there, but it's a one way player, like Bruce Brown is mostly defensively. He's been playing very well lately. Camp Thomas, do I trust him, Kessler, Edwards, do I trust him? He's young, or it's a big guy, and other than Aldridge, all the big guys can't shoot Bruce brown's and on shooter, James Johnson's anon shooter, do I want to play those guys with Simmons, so they're really picking without Joe Harris, the nets, if that's their four out of their 5 closing 5, they're really picking between a bunch of choices that are really imperfect in terms of I'm going all offense and to hell with defense. I'm going with curry and mills next to Kyrie, or I'm trying to get enough defense, but how is Simmons gonna play with another non shooter? And you saw how they closed that game in Boston yesterday, Bruce Brown was their answer to that question with claxton in the Simmons spot. I'm really interested to see how they solved that issue. I'd like to pour one out for Blake Griffin 'cause you mentioned 40 nets and didn't mention Blake. Didn't mention it. I guess it's over. So I thought about this yesterday because they played Brown and clacks them together..

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