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Protesters demanded that the Allegheny county district attorney who prosecuted the case be removed from office. They also called for police reform, including the establishment of a citizens police review board that would oversee every police department and the county for NPR news. I'm Lucy Perkins in Pittsburgh to Thailand. Now, where the polls are closed in the first general election since the military seized power in a coup in two thousand fourteen broadly speaking, the vote pits military, aligned parties against pro democracy opposition rival says Michael Sullivan reports nearly fifty one million Thais were eligible to vote in today's election. Some seven million of them for the first time in turn out was heavy. The two thousand fourteen coup leader turned prime minister prior Chano chop is seeking to keep his job as head of a military backed party. He's opposed by the same forces the military overthrew in two thousand fourteen plus a new party led by a charismatic forty year old who's fiercely opposed to the military's role in politics and popular. With younger voters. Tired of the same old players in Thailand's long-running feud between the military-backed royalist Bangkok elite and populist. Parties linked to former prime minister toxin Chinnawat parties, which have won every election since two thousand one for NPR news. I'm Michael Sullivan in Bangkok. The Venezuelan government is condemning sanctions imposed by the United States against its development banks foreign ministry, denounced the move saying more than twenty four million Venezuelans would be affected. The BBC's will grant reports from Caracas decision to impose sanctions on Venezuela's development Bank. Bandages who's directly linked to the move by the government to arrest. The opposition leader one way, those chief of staff the Bank subsidiaries in Uruguay and Bolivia will also hit by the measure from the US treasury the dodo and his enablers have distorted the original purpose of the Bank. The US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement, adding that it was part of a desperate attempt to hold onto power. The Venezuelan foreign ministry denounced the sanctions as unilateral coercive, and delete the BBC's will grant reporting. You're listening to NPR news. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is heading to Washington. He is to meet with President Trump tomorrow and the president's reversal of US policy on the Golan Heights. Seems to be a certain major focus of their Oval Office meeting. Netanyahu's also to address the annual conference of a pack the largest pro Israel lobbying group in the USCCA. Pat conference begins today, I will governor Kim Reynolds says President Trump has granted her request for an extra bite in expedited disaster declaration for fifty six counties hit by flooding along the Missouri. River the president approved a similar declaration on Thursday for Nebraska, the flooding in the Missouri. River watershed is being blamed for killing at least three people. Property losses are being estimated at more than three billion dollars. There will be a new champion immense. College basketball this season. Purdue knocked defending champion Villanova out of the NCAA tournament last night beating Villanova eighty seven to sixty one last year's other fine. Analysts advanced as Greg Acklin reports. Michigan lost the title game last year against Villanova. So in an effort to return to the final four wolverines coach John beeline says his returning players needed to buy into the philosophy of improving defensively. I think are thirty three wins last year was a sales job. They they they knew it. Right. That we had we had a team with some really veteran players Michigan's tough defense was on display in the wolverines sixty four forty nine victory over Florida. The wolverines a number two seed have reached the thirty win plateau for the second straight season for NPR news. I'm Gregg Acklin and on trial Snyder in Washington. Support for NPR comes from the Ken and Lucy Leman foundation who appreciate that. For three decades NPR has helped them to better understand complex nation and world through its in-depth coverage of events ideas and cultures and the listeners who support this NPR station. I think what our generation seems to be a living through is the realization that rationalism is only part of the answer. I think the first one to notice this. How should we're perfectly rational decisions and behaviors. So there's the sense that religion has to be more than rationalism.

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