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I got a forty four. Page indictment arrayed. Thanks everybody talked the morning. Aspirations with Steve Big on Sirius. Xm radio an online tournament that boasts no rake skimmer takeout with a ten thousand dollar first prize. Here it is clear. Expressed bed live online. Saturday march twenty first expressed bed lives for account holders only with no registration other pesky fees simply make a live twenty dollar wager on one horse in ten competition. Races earned the most and collect ten thousand dollars. Plus there's from one to four thousand dollars in additional prizes. The top thirty finishers automatically qualified for the fifteen thousand dollar expresso batch showdown sweet the card and earn juicy. Five Thousand Dollar Bonus Tote have expressed bet account visit express dot com today and qualify for a one hundred dollars bonus then registered free for expressed bed. Live the best tournament down. You going plea live online with his press. Bet Saturday march twenty first and it could be your day but only if you play account wagering is not permitted in all states national public gambling support line one eight hundred five to twenty seven hundred forty five over ninety to one eighty over one ill heaven five hundred eighty two over one hundred and I had a heart attack and cardiac arrest and then stroke your blood pressure. Numbers could change your life a lot of people on the stand including myself. I didn't do the impact of having a show in my memory shot. When I woke up a kitten speak if I would follow a.

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