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No to hold town. Riga the pocket. The right has the vibe acute. Thanks. Funding fully annoys, and you tongue the because he wrote about the food as well in the article. So you're surprised by that you lots of good barbecues. The amazing. Absolutely. They've got one of the things we love to in in Riga was the marketplace because it's in a huge zeppelin Hannah. Now, I had to really wreck my brain to go zeppelin's, those giant balloons. But yeah series of zeppelin hangars, and in there, they've got the just the, you know, usual dice die market, but they have all these little Stolz restaurants things. So you can just go to choose fresh-faced shin. I have launched their the food is just outstanding. If you kite, you can go and Troy and the quote famous for this is the ROY Briggs. Okay. You write about that? In the article toy Dinesh, e I love Riber in Dhaka, the better. Evan. Well, you haven't convinced me on the dogs and. Kind of in the organ transplant, but you have convinced me on Latvia guys use such fun to chat to thank you. So much. Joking. Look warning. They will be of that dog guys talking about insurance along with links to they've logged vagrants the world are now you laugh, but sexually quite serious. And why should we put the cheapest that's horrific fun that you still? Tell me what was still trying to struggle on. How it deals with organ transplant uses got to then? Yeah. The Nejib able to prove that you can connect one entities veins and circulatory system to another animals will being and that the onion practicing dri doing the surgery on something buzzing got released putting normally it's mice. But look this is you know. It's historical as well. I'm not quite sure you'd be able to get away with it these days, it's nineteen fifties. Big rights. I find movie anyone's. Human. What is he? All right. The ninety two year old Queen of England has been traveling to the four corners of once glorious empire since she was twenty one she's visited one hundred twenty different countries many more than once, but it's been revealed in a new book, she dislikes air travel. Not quite a fear of traveling. But she says she doesn't enjoy it. And as far as I could tell she travels clause. I wonder what she thinks she bunk Beck and kettle class for the rest of his something coming up on that too. USA today. Trouble writer, Rick Seaney has named what he calls the five travel files that will ruin you triple culture money not taking to account possible airport delays yet, especially in the United States, those cues to get through TSA, can you can United. Sometimes they more than three hours yet through those failure to weigh your own luggage checked up with an IVA white bag and having to wear over your clothes. Literally, hundreds finally screen your luggage. That's you know, liquids and the other cycle contraband that you might have tucked away. And you're gonna get you pulled out of the Keats. I'm so the stuff fairly Dimona gates in terminals is. Guilty of that is I haven't heard that the change gates into yet and failure to mind your own personal space. That's been the bay fake. Get stuck through the gap in the seat from behind you seventy smelly feet sticking in your personal.

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