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So i think it's time we're gonna we're gonna kick it cleveland indians interviews a ride back here at the tomahawk podcast we got the greatest manager in all of sports history believe it or not here terry francona ben kind enough to spend a few minutes with the number one rated podcast in i tune sister tomahawk show and we're shooting the breeze a little bit here so thanks for coming on with stereo my pleasure so if you had to say who on your team would be the best football player who would you say that would be you know i'd go with brandon guyer okay morale feel okay because when i look up on the board they have all the information yeah and supposedly his senior year homecoming game he scored six touchdowns as a running back real asking my sokoto there's no way there's no because i actually did he goes i was pretty good i guess he was that's not too bad i don't think hawks ever scored six touchdowns in the game and he made the nfl so baseball would have been there for the patriots i spent eight years in boston i know everybody there you're from beaver falls pennsylvania we right in the heart of steeler country did you grow up steeler fan yeah you don't want this i know this on the record i will sign my mom got me to go to church was if i went to church she would make like order and stuff for me and my dad when he's dealers i can remember sitting on my living room floor watching franco harris and the immaculate reception i was like thirteen i mean so yeah i was a big steeler fan is definitely a western.

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