Gideon discussed on RobinLynne - EPISODE991 - Free4all's Community Call


That's because curiel to this world peoples they just won't me out so i can't get ito as six am and the more i'd be up four thirty every morning man get my wife off to work for five thirty but i just looking he had this computer because i don't peter like preacher well i don't wanna preach but some bad and need a word on the water i think it might be good at this morning and then but at first i didn't feel like i feel and you gotta imagine that i know that they are millions of people that is that is listening to me but i can't locally seen them on the screen i've been preaching on this thing low so low that they used to be fooled i've taught you and there was fool what's your oh what he did like gideon he told gideon he's getting you need to get up and go to war and gideon had 10 bald and me as you said what you've got too many because we're all of them all the me and if you win you go said well i warned is have my own hands and i walked away to deceive me be drawn by c he whilst you you you you know and then you feel like a fool left you been you that's because you didn't get no glory i didn't it oh plo it also let us fight in solidify you did it call your name was judo one that bought the thing there and they did it won't put it up so they got all the way recalled they put it up.

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