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You just said was from a number of different MP's, not not specifically just a steep Dixon. One of them. Jeremy hunt is phobic rant and comments on a conservative blog. Another liberal candidate had a plot to bring down MP for being openly gay, and there was a labour candidate who shed anti semitic videos on Facebook claiming that Jewish people can shape shift into giant lizards. We're talking like I said across the political spectrum for right to left. These men have been caught out with incredibly inappropriate behavior. And I think people in in the days of social media. You just can't get away with anymore. And so people can go through in the conservative blogs. Find these courts comments expose people in. Then they have to quit, which is only a good thing. It does might you earn to where they whether they get the the politicians for one of them is lady called Pauline Hanson. Who is she she's been crying on television. She's got quite amazing hair, and even more magnificently terrifying. I browse, but what is her involvement in all this? Transcend is the leader of the party. I just mentioned one nation, which is the right wing anti migration party here. She has really bought the buck of the fallout from the al-jazeera report again, which I just mentioned when. Candidates traveled to the states to ask for money from the National Rifle Association, and obviously then having this other candidate one nation candidate to quit off to be found the racist comments in a strip club too. So she went on a TV program called a current affair here and burst into tears as you said. She does have amazing slightly terrifying. Redhead and she said I Cup all this shit all the time, and I'm sick of it. Absolutely. Sick of it. And quote, I have worked with this for twenty three years kicked in the guts time..

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