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Yeah here's that conversation. Yeah! How's it going? How thanks for coming in so late? Eight it's nice. It's actually you know it's good. It's like I got my email. Sparkling Greyhound Vodka grapefruit lay type of drink. You know so it's good. It's a good time to you know in a sense. This is happy. Oh! Yes, always happier isn't. This is why yeah I always like a partially because I've been on a writing job, but these last couple months so I have this thing where I'm like kind of nine to five, but I'm not a nine to five person and then I forget when I have comedians and musicians in here that like seven sauce. Like yeah or I can chill Would you guys get up to today? What did we do today? We woke up on. We are in Turlock California last night. We never been there before I do. It was pretty cool, actually though like it was that the the crowd was about it. You know so. We finished that last night. In the Bush we woke up on the tour bus in Sherman Oaks and then woke up this morning. We did this awesome other podcasts called launch left. With. Summer Phoenix Rain Phoenix and it was like. Performance and stuff it was kinda vibes..

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