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A tug tagore coach car contains thirty six coach seats there were eighty customers traveling with us as well as five amtrak crewmembers on duty and a technician from towel go we have several senior amtrak officials were making their way here tonight and will be available through this both tonight and tomorrow morning thank you authorities say there are three confirmed deaths in the train derailment outside seattle city dupont fire chief larry creek more also says more than one hundred patients were transported for treatment monday after the train went off the track and sent some cars onto a highway below we've heard from the washington state patrol about the investigation into what caused the derailment over i 5 komos keith eldridge reports from near the crash site it is point on speed in that curve these traits go seventy to eighty miles an hour in a straight away the whole idea behind this bypass was to make things go faster are going to cut ten minutes off the tie from seattle through tacoma and down into a portland this bypass was supposed to be the fast alternate route but there is this curve just as it crosses over interstate 5 trains are supposed to slow down to thirty miles an hour there are preliminary indications nothing confirmed yet by the ntsb confirmed unconfirmed information that the train was travelling at a high greatest feed which would give a good explanation why the lead engine will go flying off on the far side by their cars going off with it still other cars in the jackknifing a breaking effort would actually prevent the train some of those cars from going off again that's the main thing they're going to be focusing on but they're not going to rule anything out there are also very reports there may have been some sort of obstacle on the railroad tracks and if they were going fast the question is why mechanical failure something to do with those who are in control of the speed that's all we come in the next few days reject dupont your money at twenty and fifty past the hour on komo news komo propel insurance money update from abc news wall street now the dow gained one hundred forty points approaching the 25000 markets the dow's seventieth record high close of.

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