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So I actually think it's been really good. I also think it's difficult from a to predict standpoint because right now. WHO's the favourite to win the championship I mean obviously, the lakes and the clip is likely to come out of the West and then the east it's going to be down to now three teams which all three teams I think have at least a stake they know they can climb listen if things go away weakening there and we can win and I think that's really good. You know. It's kind of like. Well, the worries is who's going to really beat the warriors nobody, but that's not there anymore I, think I saw raptors beat them last year. Well. Kevin Durant wasn't there you know and and whatever. But I think right now it's like the Lakers could win the clippers could win. Less convinced about the nuggets and the rockets are probably just behind them as simply because I have to beat the Lakers and then they clip his bet I sort of feel more teams have got a chance right now than we've seen in the past and I, think that's great I I think it's really really fun and you see well, the play is out that there's nothing changed from my passion standpoint look. Like who cares this one doesn't carry true everyone is flying with the same level of intensity that you would expect in the playoffs. So I think overall the basketball, the quality and the standard has been as good as we can possibly expect about this point from antanus. Popadopoulos, in the Youtube chat who says I don't think there's an asterisk with regard who wins the title we all agree on that but there's An Asterix for teams like the Bucks who normally would have had home court advantage the home court advantage has gone. There's no doubt about it. Crunch time feels a little ex- crunchy. You're not getting the benefit of your crowd getting Tabu the referees when they make a call disagree with you know maybe getting in their heads a little bit that is in effect I would agree I would agree with atmosphere, right? Right. You can't deny that. It's tough because the bucks were just bad. The entire bubble right I mean, that's the thing they were not convincing in the seating games and it's of continue a little bit into the playoffs I. Think they went but they lost ten games all regular season like the normal regular season. and. Then they lost ten games in the bubble alone and obviously much much fewer games. But now it's a great point I mean, I was Gonna saying. Yeah, we really missed out on homecourt advantage. We had one of the better ones in the league in you know, and they would inspire us to victories at the same time. There are other teams like the heat and the sixers who are. Really, great home teams throughout the season but the heat came down here and kicked out of everybody Even if they didn't have home court advantage, there are bad rotating there in that sixers. Family. So I appreciate how it wasn't using it as an excuse for the bucks until Yannis just sort of brought it up. But I think that was just after the fact he was talking about it wasn't an excuse, but it was more just A. Real it is real that it has been a level playing field. It's an equalizer no doubt, and that's why you would. Definitely you have to mention it. You have to bring it up. But at the same time the he came down here. CAME DOWN TO ORLANDO and we're just rock-solid I. Think one thing that does change in this was a question we didn't include. But the common refrain, the common saying of a playoff series is that a series doesn't start until a road team wins a game on the road. Now, we don't have that saying anymore windows a playoff series start nobody knows impossible now yeah. There is no almost because it almost doesn't start until it's actually over. that. Okay Yeah that doesn't end dotes over either. Right. Right. That's a good one. Now, let's hear from people with the Eric's question there have opinions about that one Now, this whole thing doesn't mean anything it probably depends on who you're cheering for. Your Buck Spanish. Yeah. This doesn't count. This is stupid. This is. But other teams are going to disagree with that. So let's hear you thinking that at least on twitter and the Youtube comments. What's next one here? Hey, no dunks while talking about Robert Williams Lea Lea referred to them as the landlord. Before quickly correcting himself the time Lord that's his nickname. There wasn't much of a reaction but I thought it warranted at least a tray giggle. Which NBA Player deserves the landlord as his nickname and why stay. Sweet. Thanks John P skeets where do you think who deserves the landlord? Wasn't a tray giggle or was it a skiing all it's tough to tell sometimes us for people out there listening. Yes the landlord is a good nickname. It really is especially for for big guy. Now am I forgetting anyone in NBA history that was nicknamed the landlord Leon Williams. Yeah, okay yes. Okay. Thank you I knew there was a guy I was I was struggling to find it on basketball reference. I should have just went to the old google that would have helped I'm sure extent. But Okay Sheldon Williams that's right. Okay. Sheldon Williams suck the Right Oh. Yeah. Yeah. He looked like Ken griffey junior from the Simpsons episode whereas. Really, really, back, yeah the baseball episode. But I love the nickname for a big guy. So I'm sticking with the big guy and I'm going to go with Mitchell Robinson as the landlord because I'm going for I want a young guy that's the thing you can't really go like Brook Lopez could he be a landlord because he's inside a lot and he's blocking shots and deterrent shots and but he's already got good nicknames. So it just doesn't feel right Mitchell Robinson is nicknames right now according to basketball reference the block Ness Monster It just doesn't roll off the tongue and lobby NSEN and that's not I. Don't landlord works for him being a young guy, twenty, two years old the average two blocks per game. Seven best in the league. You know he's controlling the pain does is offensive work even inside the pain never leaves he's one of those landlords that lives in the building. And, you know he's a he's a Stanley Roper from three's company. There's a tiny reference-oriented. Robinson? Feel about it. Yeah I tried to come up with something creative to for this because. showed him Williams was the big shot blocker Duke I, think back in the day and that's that's why he got the nickname. And I was like, who is that go ahead the Davis it doesn't like no. I can't really boring on instead and I'm just GonNa say Russell Westbrook because he covers the most land I think he's like a he's like a sheepdog out there just running, running, running, running, running around and. He's all over the court. The whole time he'd never knows how to stop. So yeah, that's that's the best like there's not enough food actually, but I should have come up with something else covers.

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