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I know there are plenty of others as well what do we know that these and and what are you most looking forward to for the rest of the for the next few months i'm definitely a marvel faithful so i mean amp man whatever the marvel movie will always be the one i'm looking forward to so amion and wass which is interesting though it's you know it's their lowest key franchise coming out after their biggest movie ever ventures infinity more so it'll be this movie is set before the events of of injures it'll be interesting to see though this lower stakes type of thing is out of pallet cleanser people ready to see something a little bit more fun carefree or will they not find as powerful and intriguing you know skyscraper with the rock yeah i don't think i have seen i think the embargo still up so i can't stand that i did like it this was an interesting case where it's clearly made for the chinese audience chinese audience it's a legendary movie but it it's one where you know hollywood often casts chinese actors to get the international audience and sometimes people call it out for saying this is you know you didn't give these people a great role in there i think people will be surprised in this one the characters acting i'll hold up so i think that has a lot potential at least overseas i don't know here rampage just came out so i don't know if people have rock but it's possible you know and i see he's now lined up movie probably couple years down the road though with gal gadot right yes exactly i believe directed by the same director of skyscraper saying okay and then what about mission impossible what number is this number six and like the last few moves the marketing is all about the one signature stunt in this case it's a really high skydiving scene that's all tom cruise's talking about for the last three months or so but those are always dependable faithful or you know people go to those they seem to enjoy them and you kind of you know he still delivers something new every time i mean the last one he still got it he's how old is he now i think i'm believable yeah and then we'll see him in a what a year or two and the top gun sequel that's when i'm pretty yeah other just general things to look forward to creed to we see a trailer now that's coming out what end of the year yock re two's coming out i think around thanksgiving so three years after the first one and the the trailer dropped and the the reaction was pretty positive you know i mean ryan kugler the director of the first one has gone on to be the biggest in the world now and so not directing this one though not directing this one and so i think that's kind of the question mark is can they retain the magic on the reaction was pretty positive wonder woman nineteen eightyfour the sequel to wonder woman has begun production in dc this is of course appropriately enough a dc comics project and they have had some executive turnover lately and actually have only one other release this year aqua man so is it maybe not surprising that they are hyping this one all ready just keep their fan base you know jazz until until it comes out i guess next year yeah yeah this is absolutely the closest property they have to a marvel property in the sense that you can show a picture you know a year early and people will legitimately be excited about it i mean they revealed that chris pine is back for this one somehow noone admiral dead you know i it setting the eighties people i mean come on everything set in the eighties now so it seems like the magic thing they need right now keep that goodwill going and kind of like we're talking about with lucas film i mean one brothers d c arm they're trying to refocus and figure out what works and what to do because there's been a long time where they kind of been developing everything let's develop four harley quinn movies and hopefully one of them happens you know so i.

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