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The city's attorney said some doctors have been using illness as a way to unnecessarily put off acceleration a judge will decide whether she has to pay sunny skies today in hot highs near eighty nine degrees seventy two degrees right now it's eight oh seven support for n._p._r. comes from sony pictures classics with the white crow a film directed by refines about dancer rudolph nuryev who stuns the valet world in paris nineteen sixty one and defects to change his life forever now playing on the brian lehrer show we're doing our series of prejudice and pride decade decades since stonewall next time four the landmark matthew shepard act of two thousand nine at route this isn't just about our laws about who we are as people is about whether we value one another we'll have more archival audio and your oral history calls also excerpts from and your reaction to the democrats debate the brian lehrer show at ten a._m. on w._n._y._c. it's morning edition from n._p._r. news i'm steve inskeep and i'm no king good morning the trump administration might be scaling back a program that protects some family members of active duty troops from being deported n._p._r.'s white house reporter franko donas has exclusive reporting on this developing story he's in the studio with us now morning franko good morning so we're talking about an established government program what does it do exactly yeah it's a program called parole in place it essentially provides temporary protection for immigrant families of active duty soldiers in the military you can imagine if someone is fighting overseas and ghanistan or elsewhere you don't want them to be worried about their spouse in the united states potentially being deported i probably should note that this does not apply to all immigrants or all families of military officials military active duty members if you overstay visa for example this does not apply is specific bec- to family members who have entered the country illegally and cannot change their status and it sounds like there are specific reasons for it so why are you learning that the trump administration might withdraw or or end or changes program well we've heard from lawyers of people who are dealing with this situation on behalf of their clients and they're essentially racing to get their applications in before it's ending we heard from a lawyer one government lawyer who warned other attorneys to act quickly before the program is fishawy ended and i'm reading from the message that we obtained i would advise clients that if they are eligible for parole in place to submit a s._a._p. they continue to go on wish there was better news to share big takeaway is that no group is safe any longer do we know how many people are using this parole in place program how many troops this might affect we don't know no exactly how many people are using the status or how many troops affects but clearly the trump administration has tightened immigration policy across the board and it includes policies connected with the military i mean how would this affect military families immigrants are a big part of the united states military you imagine as we've said that a program like this is in place for a reason what could be the ripple effect what are turn is telling you what families telling you well we know that there are troops currently being deployed overseas who are dealing with loved ones who are potentially going to be put in removal proceedings it is very disruptive this hat this impacts a lot of families the immigration has been part of the military since basically day one they're weaved into the fabric of the military the united states recruits emigrants i the armed forces they recruit spouses of immigrants they recruit the children of immigrants there are nearly one hundred and thirty thousand troops who have actually been naturalized from over thirty foreign countries while in the military since october first two thousand one those are huge numbers when could this policy actually be withdrawn what have what have you learned there we're being told from the attorneys that they have been told that it could be ended by next month so as i mentioned there is a race to get these applications in the expectation is that if they can get him in that they will be grandfathered that may be perhaps more of a hope but really word is just starting to get out in the emigrant and immigrant lawyer community they will fight this issue they tell me but right now they're just trying to get more bits of information about it learn who their allies may be allies in the community but also inside the government and try to come up with a good strategy n._p._r.'s franco or donas with some exclusive reporting franco thanks so much thanks for having me some american neighborhoods struggling even in a straw economy how much new tax break help them n._p._r.'s asia roscoe reports standing in front of a massive crowd in orlando last week president trump may this promise to help poor neighborhoods we will expand opportunities so that no community is ever left behind passes the part of the twenty seventeen tax cut law the opportunities owns program allows governors to make some low income areas in their state eligible for federal tax incentive trump often refers to the program when talking about what his administration has done for struggling rural and urban communities and as a part of his outreach to black americans the policy is also been championed by lawmakers such as senator tim scott republican and senator cory booker a democrat running for president projects are underway throughout the country when an empty latitude be result of private equity investors in fishes gathered in a white tint for groundbreaking the plane ninety unit affordable housing complex former arizona governor jamba or spoke really thrilled to see all of you thank you so much Along. there were several symbolic tossing of dirt as particular property if you look around here's pretty blighted you've got some dilapidated buildings that's quin palomino c._o. virtual partners the private equity firm that's building the project with opportunities fun and you have investors who would not have normally invested in this project it's opportunities owns is really been an incredible tool this is an old idea that's been supercharged by the twenty seventeen tax law stuart butler is one of the conservative scholars credited with bringing the original idea of so called enterprise zones to the u._s. in the nineteen eighties butler who's now with brookings institution said the vision was to make it easier for people living in poor areas to be able to start businesses in their own neighborhoods the second piece of it was to say let's look at tax relief and let's relief taxes reduced taxes on people who take the risk of investing in a poor and difficult neighborhood stays introduce their own versions of these owns in the federal government followed suit launching the empowerment zones program in the early nineties backers of the new opportunities owns say they are totally different the old program required states to compete for tax breaks and grants but agrees latest program is different and that worries them maybe they went too far in this current version there more than eighty seven hundred oportunities covering nearly thirty five million americans and vessels can defer their capital gains taxes through twenty twenty six by putting their profits and opportunities own funds that invest in these communities the longer the investors keep their money in the fund the more tax benefits they receive the concern is that wealthy people will pour money into these multimillion dollar funds but butler says the development may not help low income residents it's a -tracting the wrong kind of investment lodge scale investment which may lead to far greater gentrification and removal of people rather than the original intent of the enterprise zone idea but these critiques are off base says durant smith he's deputy director of the white house office of american innovation smith says local governments can work to protect their residents education is not something that's happening every city is not happening in like the mississippi delta right house very affordable down there so for us to create economic development tool tries to fix a problem only hurts some urban areas that's not smart the white house has also set up a council to help target federal housing grants and other funds specifically for the tones but it's unclear whether these will truly spur new investments especially in places that were already on the upswing says timothy weaver a professor at suny albany who has studied these types of programs people who were going to invest anyway and now getting tax break and to maybe gonna get shifting of investment from outside of zion's to inside if designs and in either case what you'll likely to see rent gumming up for everybody even some of the earliest opportunities on supporters say there needs to be more information about where the money's going there are bipartisan bills in congress that would require the government to track whether benefits are actually flowing to the communities that are in need isha roscoe n._p._r. news the white house this week lightning started a fire in the florida everglades the fire grew until it was twice the size of manhattan and all of that everglade muck is making this a tricky job for firefighters jenny selective it has the story from member station w. l. r. n. in miami when it comes to fighting fires across south florida's vast marshes weather can be a firefighters best friend or biggest enemy today across south florida with index is forecast to exceed one eight four two this week the wildfire doubled in size after a typical summer storm rolled in and kicked up the wind it hasn't threatened any homes or businesses just highways and power lines i got a call from a friend and he said it looks like there's some storms sales out the northeast i said okay cool that's michael beck a firefighter with the division of forestry and the incident commander like blew up the fire moved a lot faster a lot quicker the flame links the fire intensity more than double than flame wings do you just get out of the way at that point yeah typically when a thunderstorm is throwing down it's down bursts because the winds are really sporadic and the really you're not sure of what the winds can do it's really an unstable atmosphere gus whereas high as seventy miles per hour within the fire across the sawgrass fires.

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