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Mcdonald's contract. Do you realize he's not a free agent until two thousand twenty two. Really? I didn't know they restructured him last August, which I wasn't aware of. But he's around because now I'd like you to go back a few months when you chastise me for buying the Vance McDonald jersey because he wasn't going to be around. And you you harsh my buzz when I was so excited getting that eighty nine. But so yeah, he's actually going to be around. I know he gets injured. I thought he had a a healthier season this year. I don't think anybody's complaining about him. I think Jesse Jesse James could come back very cheap. And by the way, Jesse James with Kardashian comment as become one of my favorite players just for that. I thought that was absolutely fantastic. You know what I what receiver? I agree with you too. I think if we're looking ahead, and we're previewing two thousand nineteen I think Ryan Switzer gets a bigger role. I don't see a guy like ally Rogers coming back. I think they are actually going to look for go in that six three range try to give a big man at wide receiver, and you know, a field spreader like they had with a sober Martavis Bryant, which wasn't very often at all. But I think they'd like to get somebody like that as well. I see what you're saying on edge. I mean, you know, you could always fix something. But I was not really down on this team on Sunday night as much when I thought. Antonio Brown was just was injured. When I had. No, I mean, ignorance is bliss. I had no clue that this stuff was happening. And now we're previewing next season. I'm thinking about an offense of line getting getting older, I'm thinking of the possibility losing some guys here and there, and I'm thinking gosh, we always talk about the window, Jeff, and that window closing because of Ben Roethlisberger will the windows closing and other places. So they have to go ahead and clean it up running backs. You can find a good free agent running back to come in as your replacement your third down back. I don't think they're looking for anybody to replace James Connor as right now. And I think the actually like Jalen Samuels and what they were doing in that game. When the head them both on the field at the same time. They platoon to more was not a disaster. They got a lot of. Receiving yards out of both of those guys. They got over one hundred Roussy Ving yards. And they they had a pretty good game with not a lot of carries at the running back position. So. You can't fix everything. But I think it's those glaring needs that we've talked about for the last couple years corner inside linebacker. Quite possibly wide receiver is what we're looking at and the offense of line. Yes. And so as the offseason continues to drag on at this point for the Steelers, we will be back, obviously every week to talk about one position particular, we're gonna break down the death star. We're gonna talk about me some news breaks. They get signed someone they resigned someone. They're already starting to do some of that stuff with the reserve contracts and things of that nature their off-season ninety man offseason roster is starting to get filled out. So we'll be talking about that. As we go throughout this. Now, we do have some big games coming up in the wild card weekend. This is one of my favorite. My favorite weakens. The NFL I delta the divisional round is my absolute favorite. I love wild card weekend. Because it's when you get those crazy six seeds in there. And you never know when they can make some noise a lot of two thousand five Steelers. So Brian you have. Spreads. Therefore, let's use some picks. Let's pick some game. That's pick some winners..

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