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The twenty months winning pete as many as we can and then in the four months putting up a candidate who can win in that setting if we'd simply start doing that john reid win we'd wearing white there's the ultimate question why don't we do that andy it all began with anger seriously the the current division you know it all the current divisions all began with anger because we were let down by disloyal candidates who we worked our butts off four and they went and they compromised us into oblivion there's no the we have border we have no also they created their age all ages taken over i get all that but but much like a business or much like the football analogy you just mentioned you know what you don't draft every quarterback and have a winner true you don't draft every defensive lineman and have a winner you don't get every free agent that you think is awesome and have a winner you don't pay demeri as thomas millions of dollars thinking is he's gonna be great from that point on because he's not true sometimes crap happens right bright yes sorry get over it but if you've dugin in fewer and trench d and both sides of the conservative spectrum are you're not going to work together at any time things go wrong what do you do blame stop doing that folks we're not going to get anywhere if we don't right we can't blame your way to success nope there is no way to do it is here's mine i await a victor is mine our gene i could be completely wrong but i don't think i am okay because i've met a lot of the individuals that i know are on that extremeright the donor have any compromise whatsoever and i know those that a compromise their life and i and i understand there's both ends i will step out on a limb here and tell you that i for one don't think the majority that are on that farright first of all of ever employed anyone iran of business if they did it was their own with may be one employee they've never ran anything with thirty forty fifty people that they had to make multiple compromises on to keep their business afloat on a daily basis or in the cases where they were in you're right it's rare they don't apply it in politics yet they.

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