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Yeah, yeah, okay. Fair enough. Now newly retired Sergio Agüero could be back very soon Jules, but not on the pitch, not really quite sure what he's going to come back. Because I wanted to for the suspense, you know, through your questions because he might be back with the Argentina national team. But as a part of the staff on the pitch, he can not play anymore, which is really sad. But he's revealed this week that he might be part of the World Cup technical stuff if you want with your next colony and on all these assistants and everybody to make the training much easier because he didn't like training. No, you're not training. Maybe just to be like an older brother if you want. Maybe to the link between scaloni and Messi and the rest of the school is obviously very good friend with a lot of them, having played with them by recently won the Copa América last summer. All of that. And a bit like a general manager and even closer at the dressing room to the team. I think it's a pretty good idea to be fair when you go into a World Cup, you got to stay at 5 or 6 weeks altogether. It's a totally different environment. Yeah, exactly. I think you could help for that. Franklin Paul is blowing hot and cold at Everton since he took over stew, two wins and two losses. One of the wins was in the FA Cup, of course. There are no shots on target on Saturday at south after and got well beaten. Yeah, and when Frank Lampard took over, you know, there was this crowd didn't want one or two other managers. They wanted Frank Lampard and there was a bit of a buzz around Goodison Park because this is the manager they wanted. There was a great atmosphere inside the stadium. But the two away performances have been really poor. Really? So it's now up to Frank Lampard to show that he is a good coach. I think he did an okay job at Derby. Only okay. Because other manager had achieved just what he achieved at Darby, getting into the playoffs but not quite getting them into the Premier League. He obviously did and okay, job at Chelsea, but soon as he left, they become better and better and better. So I think he's managerial career and coaching career is under a lot of pressure Everton and he'll need a good start to await performances that have been poor home performances. That's not good enough. For Everton, they've got to start winning more games and play more consistently. So one or two problems for them. And city on Saturday. So that'd be a good begin. Yeah, big test. Now, we mentioned inter already jewels, but Milan were not much better only managing to take a point away to salernitana. Napoli now have a huge chance to go top of the table if they beat Cagliari on Monday. It's a great title race, isn't it? It is. It is your eyes too, if Napoli, when we record this on Monday morning, if they win on later today, they will go level on top with Milan and as you know, it's hard to answer and a bit Milan. Napoli, so they will go top. You've got Napoli Milan game to come in two weeks time. You've got Juventus in to come in a few weeks as well. So I think there's more twists to come in this title race, but to have all those teams intervention in hand to play against Bologna in midweek. I've always seen, let's say, within one point of each other because that was when it comes down to who's got the best coach. Maybe potentially. And if I gave you a choice at the three coaches, which would you pick? I think in zygi still young, in his experience of being in the title race, obviously it's never been there before. He's been fighting for Champions League spot with Lazio, but never for the big prize. I think for me spalletti, he's the one who looks the most ready. To go and win this. Is that success elsewhere? He's always done well wherever he's been. That's always won the title, but he's been a good coach. I think people respect it. Because what do you need now? You need that consistency, right? So no one's in three, for example. I think Milan have won two of the last 5. They won the last three in a row I think in the league. And I think what you need now is consistency. So, okay, you might not win every single game. But you can't lose one, win one, lose one, then you need a bit of that consistency in terms of result. Maybe when we draw something like that, try to be as much as bitten as you can. And for me, Napoleon's palace looked right now, where I think the that's not going to be good news to gab is it. Been a big inter fan. One of the Milan teams to win it, I would like Napoleon, you know what? Napoleon wanted since mardu obviously. It would be great if they did it. The atmosphere inside that stadium. That would be special. Robert we both love Jack question. And we are very happy for him. I find a new club. Finally, yes..

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