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He's calling for action on scandal-plagued hacienda healthcare in Phoenix. We'll have that story coming up. But first I ask you to choose greatness that seemed to be the theme of President Trump's state of the union address. And that's our top story. Here's jayme. West America is made stronger by the presence of immigrants. Not well, Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams with the democratic response to President Trump's speech KTAR is Jeremy foster begins. Our live team coverage of the state of the union address. The president said last night, Jamie. He actually wants people from other countries to come to the US. I want people to come into our country in the largest numbers ever. But they have to come in legally, but dangerous people and drugs continue to pour in. So a wall needs to be and will be built he said, we are removing these gang members by the thousands. But until we secure our. Border. They're going to keep streaming right back in the president also touted several accomplishments, including criminal Justice reform and more women in the workforce than ever before. He also announced he and North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN will meet later this month in Vietnam. Live in the news center. Jeremy foster KTAR news on Jeb cross live in the news center. Arizona Republican congressman David Schweickart. Call the state of the union address broad interesting fun and optimistic on how far we've come in jobs economic growth taking on diseases and putting resources there all democratic. Congressman Greg Stanton said the president missed the Mark during the address no addressing DACA or immigration reform. I was really disappointed though, we had heard that the president was going to deliver a unifying message the speech was needlessly divisive live in the news center. Jim cross KTAR news and now from the valley Chevy dealers traffic.

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