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Who stuck the knife in today. Alonso and Norris followed him home and Verstappen drove his damaged Red Bull to 7. They damaged limitation exercise today in what I think is the drive of a champion, but we'll get to that in a bit. Zhou guang knew suffered an horrific crash at the start. With his car rolling and ending up between the tech pro and the catch, fencing before the crowd, the follow-up shunt would send Alex Albon to Coventry hospital via helicopter as of recording, he has been released, saying, I'm very glad that everyone else involved in the first lap incident is okay. Thank you to the medical staff at the track and the hospital if you'd switched off the coverage and were wondering. I'm joined today. That was a long intro, but we needed it. I'm joined today. By the editor of outer sport dot com, Hayden Cobb, and we're joined by royalty on the podcast tonight. Because the main man is in the house, he fed it to Kevin Turner, is gracing us with his presence today. It's the British Grand Prix Kev, so we're wheeling you out for this one. So much to talk about, but first of all, I mean, Kevin, where do you want to start? We have to start with science winning his first race after the 150th attempt, and winning from pole. So on paper, an easy win for science, but it was nothing even close to that actually, but let's get your first thoughts on the events of today. Well, first of all, I think I can live up to that intro, but thanks very much anyway. But what a great race. What a great race to have to talk about. I think it's probably been the race of the season. And it's a really feel good result, isn't it? I don't think there are many people that would begrudge Carlos Sainz finally getting that first Formula One victory has been so close so many signs of just a couple of weeks ago. I pointed out that there were three races that he'd lost by 1.2 seconds or less. So I think as we'll get on to a bit later, he probably ended up being quite fortunate to win despite starting on pole and ended up winning. But I think everyone it's a feel good result. And it's great that he's now not part of the top ten Islam putting together, which is the top ten best F one drivers that didn't win a Grand Prix. He can now be taken off that. That's one less driver after worry about. He will certainly sleep very well tonight. I actually watched the race because of a family birthday at my brother's place and my sister in law said to me why it's a really popular win as he was on the top step and the crowd was cheering. Why is that? And I said, well, because he's just a good guy. And the fans love Carlos Sainz. And I tried to glazed over when I was going into other reasons like he used to race for British team. There was a bit of a bromance between the two drivers. They were called car Lando. She didn't want an answer that long, really. She was just being polite asking about Formula One. But it was a feel good podium and the brick fans did love to see him on the top step. Surely they would have loved to see Hamilton and Norris up there or Russell as well, but Hayden, do you get the same feeling that it was a feel good podium today? I do, yeah, I think outside of the home heroes that the British drivers and Alban, I would say probably Carlos Sainz is probably one of the most popular drivers out of the British fans in that sort of non home hero category. But yeah, like you say, he's got a connection is obviously used to race for McLaren. He gave a good touch of when he was racing in 2010 in formula BMW that he won his first ever race at Silverstone south had an affinity to the place. So 12 years on look at me now type thing and yeah, I mean, winning for Ferrari for any driver must be fantastic, but to do it in a iconic place like Silverstone, it really sort of yeah, I feel good factor. And mighty achievement for him. And I think he drove well on the whole or he did admit that sort of first stint when the race restart after that flag that he was struggling a bit and then indeed it did look like the clerk had had the pace on him, but the safety car came his way. The strategy came his way, whether intentional or not in the clerks misfortune, but he made the most of it and yeah, grabbed it, grabbed the opportunity by both hands by basically dismissing Ferrari's failed sort of plan B type strategy of helping the clerk and went now that I've got to look out for myself here and I've got to win this race for Ferrari. And he did and like you said, he got pole position in the wet beating likes of leclerc and Verstappen who were particularly good in qualifying and in wet qualifying. So I think he can leave Silverstone extremely happy with how his race weekend went and generally how he performed because yeah, the start of this year he had some struggles he held his hands up with sort of the handling of this car and the new regs, but yeah, he made the most of his opportunity and certainly delivered. I've been trying to work out the since the race finished, the order to structure the podcast tonight. There's so much to talk about, but, you know, dear listener, I want to take you on the journey of this podcast. And so I think we have to we'll get to a lot of stuff tonight, but I think we have to start with Ferrari. Now we've got a massive shunt to talk about two big crashes that the lap one, we've got Max Verstappen to talk about. We've got all the other drivers, but I think we just need to get straight in to Ferrari. And I offer the case for the defense, or rather, you know, maybe prosecution on Carlos Sainz. Yeah, he got polled yesterday, but only by I haven't got it written down 0.72. I think listeners correct me if I'm wrong. Max wasn't happy with the car. He caught some yellows and it was generally not a great performance by max and qualifying. He pressured Carlos Sainz got swallowed up on the first start today and then when they had the restart because of the incident, he did well. And he kept the lead, but again, unforced error, pressured off by Verstappen, who at that point I thought was going to just scamper away into the lead. It was a brilliant race win, and everyone's feeling good about his first race win. But I put this question yesterday to coddles and Alex on our live podcast and said, all right, your Ferrari team management, what do you do tomorrow? If Carlos Sainz is in front of leclerc. And I wasn't being particularly clever with that question, even though it actually happened..

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