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At the US Open. Second seed Daniel Medvedev cruised into the quarter finals with his second straight win over Daniel Evans 18 year old Carlos Alcaraz one to become the youngest man to reach the U. S Open quarterfinals since 1963 on the women's side, 18 year old Layla Fernandez continued her upset bid. Defeating Angelique Kerber in three sets. College football. Social media is abuzz following some apparent disturbing comments from Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly. In the wake of the Fighting Irish is 41 38 overtime win. Over Florida State in Tallahassee. After the game, Kelly did an on field interview with ESPN and talks about the execution or lack thereof, Kelly stated. I'm in favor of execution. Maybe our entire team needs to be executed After tonight. Social media quickly blew up in the wake of Kelly's comments with some referencing former Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach John McKay, who once made a similar quote. That's sports. I'm Seth Everett. The latest headlines from across the Nation and the World. Fox News is Next on news radio 8 30 K. H V H. This. His bedroom. This is this is the master bedroom yet sleeping on his bed as Marlena Dietrich Right there. Now we see cats everywhere. Whatever cats everywhere. He loved all animals, But he did love cats. Um, uh, he had A kind of a colony of cats here, and the cats we have at the Emmys warehouse are descendants of those cats and they have some of them have six fingers We have about 60 cats here right now, and a little over. Half of them do have six toast. And what is that Significant of? It's a genetic trait. So, basically if your DNA is coded for specific gene to over express itself while you're an embryo, you get bigger or more digits. So our cats have that coding in there. Did he have that someone gave him someone gave him Captain Dexter did give him the first six. Tokyo That and, um his. Her name was Snow white. And, um, they were considered good luck in maritime culture. And Hemingway was accident prone and superstitious, so he thought the cats would help him out a little bit. How many six toed cats can I surround myself? Whether I I I love the deck. Wasn't it beautiful? I would say that this is probably one of the money shots of the property right there, that along with the lighthouse view that you can get from right through here, And now the story does go that Hemingway used that White House because it was a functional lighthouse in the 19 thirties story goes. He used that to find his way home from the bars at night, so jail throughout this house. There's always a little, uh, Treasures. I don't know if that's the correct way to describe what I'm looking at. I It is a treasure. It is a part of the history of this place. We know coming way for going too Sloppy Joe's Bar, the landlord of Sloppy Joe's Bar when it was at Captain Tony's raises the rent $4 a month to Russell's not about to pay. It removes his establishment to where it is now on, which is about a half a block away, So he gets his patrons to help him with this move, because it's such a short move. On the appointed evening. Everybody shows up. They have to move the furniture. They have the glassware anyway, including Hemingway in some versions of the story and the album of the alcohol Now I'm not sure all the alcohol made it. Because part way through, they start getting very excited and start helping him move the plumbing. Hemingway in this, you know, sees this urinal here decides that he has poured enough of his money down that drain that it should be his. Alright. So he gets a buddy of his cup them carry this journal down to his house, and he puts it in the center of his yard. Now his wife wakes up the next morning, Pauline Pfeiffer. She does not find that glorious trophy at all. She decorates it by aligning it with that imported Spanish tile and then 2% all of her on top of it. Creates this fountain, right? There's so much more to having within the house. There is as great as that. So this is the swimming pool or Hemingway. When he moved into this house, he saw this part of the yard and thought it was perfect for the thing he always wanted. So he built for himself a regulations boxing room right there Now. Pauline wanted a pool because she wanted to have pool parties serve adores, you know, and host people out by a pool. And so they before he left to cover the Spanish civil war. They talked about putting one on the side yard over there, but, um, after he left, and Pauline found out that he had gone with Martha Gellhorn, she was not happy. So she ripped out the brunt of the boxing ring. She took it to Blue Heaven, which was then a brothel and a boxing gym, and she sent it over there and built this pool. Now Hemingway comes home and finds this pool finds out that it did cost $20,000 to install. Now That's a lot of money now in the house more than the house, he absolutely, but you know, back in. It was 1937 when this happened so at the height of the Great Depression, and in today's money that's give or take $330,000 that she spent on the pool. Now Hemingway is furious because this not only cost $20,000 it cost him his boxing ring. So he puts his hand in his pocket and he pulls out a penny and tells Pauline, if you're going to spend all my money, you might as well take my last red satin rose it on the ground, and he storms off right, Pauline. She thinks this is funny. She didn't use Hemingway's money to build this pool She used Pauline's might build this fall, so she took that penny and press it into the still drying cement of the pool deck. To keep it there as Hemingway's last red cent, and we have it right there. On the pool deck. That's the actual 1934 copper penny that was Hemingway's last red Cent. Hemingway would write every day from somewhere around six a.m.. Until somewhere between noon and two o'clock in this room in this room until you know, at noon noon at noon, he would decide that was in fact. Five oclock somewhere..

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