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To sit trevor bayne and ricky stenhouse junior down and say you perform you're out of here or to shut down the extent of the operation because you're developing drivers for other people now you're just doing it for no reason you're doing it for noone if this like this and jack you got to get out of as this now heads over at what point we already talked about this maybe earlier in the seas maybe lash i can't remember but at what point does the ben way part a rash fenway just say listen he had built world champions before we can do it again just get out of the way and let us do this thing insane theo's going to take over the team nikki should uh i think i think i we talked with it's like last year yeah yeah and another like that last year rushed years a offseason because it's just like what are the guy's going to do now and at this point you have to like fenway has to john henry have to step in and say you know what it's time like our investment now has to be bigger it has to be more notable here's what we're gonna do we're going to get more better people in their jack thank you you can be a you can be a richard petty role as just your head but we're going to take over from here and i think that's what needs to be done in all honesty they have to i mean the you know it's the same thing if rao is going to make room for their explain to the drivers and stick with guys who are not giving them the results than they shouldn't have the xfinity the program same thing applies to them way when it comes to being involved in this whole thing i mean they why would you want to buy into the nascar team just to have them go out there in lose all the time i mean unless you around the vine and wine is so why would i mean why would they.

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