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So that's why for small choices are the where we live independently of the way. We socialize the way we even bit bittu job whether it's a night shift worker or with just a week late into the night binge-watching or as a professor teacher correcting grades. All of these are best on the lack of knowledge of circadian rhythm and how it is important so in that. I always say that. We're experiencing what i call the and asbestos moment in you want out because until nine hundred seventy s with todd that lead to success and we could use them in the building construction so similarly without knowing the level of security and them we thought that is just a momentary discomfort to stay awake for a couple of nights are to shift work. Are we connected. Let night socializing and binge eating with some foot hangover. That will go away after a day or so but now realizing that these are serious issues. So that's why it'll take maybe a decade for decades to build a rebuild and anthropogenic ward. That actually not just security under them so we can do is if you want to socialize in the weekend. Instead of choosing to socialize late into the night tried to go for the happy hour and the poorest chip you can finish your denarlie can still go back to sleep at the regular time and when it comes to ship work then we have to keep in mind that we have to extract yep than people who are doing daytime job and we have to stay away from caffeinated drinks and a lot about kahal because ship twerk combined with alcohol. Too much caffeinated. Drink is quite toxic to party disturbs. Our sleep wake cycle. And we are actually more sensitized to be damaged by alcohol. If we're doing shift work that we have to choose judiciously. Choose what kind we eat or sleep and try to be within. That window must listening all day even on the off days. It's relatively easy to do that morning or evening. Shift worker but for night shift worker. It's very difficult. So that is something that you can even being up to employer to see whether he can be on night shift continuously for several days so that your body at just two nights it and then come back to few days off days and this is a meta used in many countries where people stay on night shift or twenty hour safety for several days in a row and then the combat and take off this for a week or two so that multiple matters but anyways this is still a new field of signs. And we're still learning how to come up with personal habit family rituals and societal dart's just to to reduce the incidence of security that disrupts them and adopt habits. That'll make us resilient against the kitchen to them disruption. I find for myself.

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