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Of your neighborhood bodega and away from your kids Those stories are more after ABC checks the world He didn't mince words president Trump is wrong I had no right to overturn the election The presidency belongs to the American people in the American people alone Former vice president Pence telling the federalist society that the former presidents claim that he could have certified the 2020 refused to certify the 2020 Electoral College vote is wrong Supreme Court is weighing Alabama's request to freeze a court order that it draw a new congressional line and create a second district with a significant number of black voters The U.S. is reported more COVID deaths than any other country Johns Hopkins University which tracks its statistics worldwide says Lee's topped 900,000 today and there's no reprieve in the number of people who need lifesaving care All I just want to say is please just be nice Please be nice None of us are doing okay Nurse Kelly Hale at mercy hospital in Oklahoma City Daria albinger ABC News Stay connected stay informed with the northwest's only all news station northwest news radio 6 31 we continue with our top stories now I'm Rick founds Iceland with a Lisa jaffee and here's what's happening New Seattle mayor Bruce harrell laid out a broad public safety plan today violent crime is at the 24 year high but as John lo bertini reports the skyrocketing use of guns makes for a more difficult fight The streets have become a more dangerous place Violent crime increase by 20% in much of that violence is gun related Seattle police chief Adrian Diaz We recovered over 3200 shell casings and 612 shots fired That's almost two shots fired a day Shootings and shots fire jumped by 40% in 2021 to an old time high Who's pulling the trigger Mayor Bruce harrell has questions but the answers may be more troubling Chief Diaz homeless related shootings and shots fired increased by a 122% There are gun control options but the mayor says they're complicated I don't know how many lives have to be lost before we realize we are one of the few states allowing the state to govern the laws we need The short answer is probably too many John libertini northwest news radio Well the question on whether to toss out Washington's capital gains tax is now before a Douglas county judge The state argues it's an exorcist excise tax on sales of assets such as the tax on real estate sales Joseph bishop henchmen of the national taxpayers association though told the court that state lawmakers play the semantics game with attacks which is measured by the income from the asset sale We need more than magic words to turn attacks that acts like an income tax and talks like an income tax into something that's not an income tax Washington capital gains is an income tax to the extent Washington's constitution and binding precedents precluded income tax They preclude this capital gains tax The judge says he'll review the arguments and issue a written ruling in the next few weeks New marijuana products that emerged after the federal government legalized hemp would be regulated in Washington under a new bill Ryan Harris explains A whole slew of these products which contain delta 8 delta 9 and delta ten THC were derived from hemp after legalization four years ago These products can.

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