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The casting his vote for the incumbent in Twenty twenty any which leads me to a question for you rich you were vocal trump critic in the last presidential election devoting an entire issue of your publication to how problematic his candidacy was is. Do you feel like this evangelical minister though that trump has not been as bad as you thought naturally better than you hoped well. It's it's been a two things on the substantive upside has been considerable. I'm he's been faithful to his coalition and delivered on the issues issue's important to it whereas I thought he would kind of tone it down at least a little bit in terms of his tweets and his personal conduct and he hasn't tried at all so I I do have a similar feeling a lot of people quoted in Liz's story and I I think kind of the most important factor there among among evangelicals was just partisanship they you know a lot of them are last come around to trump they supported you know cruise or or Rubio in known as they fell off their face the choice between trump and hillary and they just didn't consider that a very close choice for for a lot of issues and abortion was was really a prominent issue and trump just has been Iraq on on that issue and it kind of I would prefer like Jefferson others go on TV and and they play trump like he's figure out of the Bible you know Siris or David who had their flaws but wonderful men of God and just seems to me the more realistic ballistic cases is look their moral downsides to having trump president United States and it requires significant compromises to support him but we still consider him better than the alternative but you know a lot even jealous. Here's really bonded to him because I feel as though he's done some things no other Republican president would do even know they promise them they feel has the right enemies and critics they feel so even when we've had more upstanding ending a Christian men as President George W Bush they recalled a racist they were accused of having designs to establish a theocracy crecy in America. So why even a plot try to play nice with the other side with the with the with the press if you're GONNA get excoriated anyway but I was surprised at how much they seem to actually think that those men were too nice to get the job done. That's actually what surprised me more yeah so there's that element is as well that trump has done some things embassy to Jerusalem pulling out of the Iran deal pulling out of the Paris accords that no other president would would do and it's a function function of what what a wild character he is and that only only such a wild character could withstand the assault that that has come from the the other side. Not everyone feels that way but that is certainly a strong element of this phenomenon. I want to pose a philosophical question to both of you because it's one I've struggled with voter and I know I'm not alone and they feel like it gets to the core of what your piece is really about Liz which is for example. I'm a huge Jimmy mccarter fan because he's a good human being who has dedicated his life to teaching Sunday school building houses and public service plenty of people say he wasn't the greatest President I wasn't around then but what is actually smarter for a voter and what is best for the country voting for leaders who are decent human beings but either you may not agree with policy wise or are you better off voting for someone you may not be a jerk but either you agree with him policy wise or they're just a brilliant policy wonk and say so you know they'll get things done well. A president's role doesn't really come down very much to policy wonkery they get to set agendas and they have a huge role in foreign policy but they can't Ram through legislation without Congress so that's I guess technical point and maybe it's a way of alighting what is a really difficult question. which is can you morally allow yourself to vote for someone you know to be immorally problematic individual? I mean nobody's perfect but there are much of iniquity among politicians. I think that knowingly giving more power to someone you're well aware will abuse it. is is a moral hazard and at the same time that might be the person who would also on the the other hand wield power in the more respectable way politically so I think it's very complicated and I think it has to come down to a case by case the judgement and it's hard to set you know a firm principle that you have to follow every time because the situations just change and it's interesting because when trump was elected and there's a lot of talk about how anyone who voted for him was racist. I pointed out the millions of voters who voted for Him who had voted for Barack Doc Obama and the previous election but the point out something else which is I said I know I have plenty of friends that I know personally who if the choice was between a candidate who made a racist comment comet but was pro choice in a candidate who had not and was pro-life. They're not voting for the pro-life candidate now. They may not say that to my face. They may be embarrassed about it but it seemed very hard for people to admit that I also have to just say for the record and I know a lot of people are gonna be mad to hear this. If Sarah Palin had done what Elizabeth Warren did to advance her career it would be mentioned nonstop by most people on the left so I actually think both parties struggle with this sort of litmus test when it comes to morality -ality people who are really good on the issues because when it comes to Progressive Issues Elizabeth Warren really good for Progressives so I just do you have any thoughts rich on and what the sort of saw a test case in the ninety s when Bill Clinton you know conduction affair with an intern lied about it perjured himself about it and Democrat Party. You know there's some voices that were very upset by this. There are some op ED columnists who condemned him but they enter the entire Party stood behind him. Just because of this kind of negative partisanship we're talking about anything salt allegations to as well right which were weren't taken very seriously the at at the time but The Hague Newt Gingrich more they hated they pose Newt Gingrich agenda and even though you know in theory you would have had Al Gore president and he believed all the same things that Bo Clinton did just that there was that rally around the flag effect and we're seeing the same thing every day with trump not the most edifying defying thing maybe ideally that's not the way it should work but this way it does work still with me on the left Lisburn of the Washington Post and rich lowry of National Review and now it's time for tweet of the week sometimes it only takes one hundred forty characters or maybe two hundred eighty to distill the spirit of the week rich. What's your tweet so my tweet it is from someone who goes by? Ag Conservative on twitter and he is tweeting about a new poll showing the new British Prime Minister Boris Boris Johnson a little bit underwater in the polls at a minus six percent rating but the leader of the opposition Jerry Me Corbin at minus fifty nine in Ag tweets thing about the opposition being led by a protest anti Semite as that gives the governing party a lot of leeway wow lead what's your tweet of the week our President Donald Trump in his ongoing war against my employer the Washington Post tweeted the Amazon Washington Post and CNN CNN just did a fake interview on pardons for AIDS on the wall and that I didn't think the wall on the southern border was that important to stop legals wanting to come into our country wrong. Vitally title important will make big impact so bad a tip from the Amazon Washington Post. Try a copy editor my tweet of the week comes courtesy of Fox five. DC and accompanies now viral photo of two adorable little boys who happen to be of different races holding hands the tweet reads. Sometimes all we need is a friend connor aged eight has autism and was finding it hard to adjust on the first day of school. He was crying by himself until eight year. Old Christian went to console him and hand in hand. The pair walked into school. I was one of many who felt there must be some onions nearby because my eyes started doing the funny thing and I've been talking with Liz Brunner of the Washington Post and rich lowry of National Review..

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