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This storm team four meteorologist Brianna Berman solo hi Mike we're looking at a few scattered showers and maybe even a few lightning strikes north west of our region this may be a sign that said active weather will be in our picture for the forecast today over the next several hours now right now for most of us the radar is fairly quiet we have seen a few clouds building on the satellite where it was sunny earlier today there's eight thirty to forty percent chance for most of us that we'll see storms and anywhere that some minor flooding over the past couple of days may want to watch for extra rainfall later on today temperatures will be in the mid eighties for highs were sitting in the upper seventies right now overnight dropping down in the sixties mostly cloudy skies tomorrow it's a hot one low nineties for the highs on Monday and another chance of summer like storms for Monday afternoon I think our current temperatures right now NASA's seventy eight degrees Woodbridge seventy nine degrees and Arlington eighty one degrees all right thank you Maria it is twelve fifty one A. W. T. O. P. and seventy nine degrees in northwest DC historians are taking a look back at the first efforts to reform police here in Washington they say it can be traced back to more than a hundred fifty years ago one figure who stands out in Washington's history of sales Bowman who was elected mayor in eighteen sixty eight he appointed the police department's first two black officers and in the following years historian George Derek Musgrove says you get a pretty solid number of African Americans on the police force and some of them actually attempt to protect black rights during this period but that didn't last very long in eighteen seventy four Congress stripped away the right to vote from all DC residents and the police department purged itself of its black officers by eighteen seventy nine just one black officer was left on the force neckline Elie WTOP news twelve fifty to an organization dedicated to preserving historic sites has joined the rising tide against Confederate monuments at first blush it seems.

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