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She's covered in mud and she jumps up in going in through the front door like a cat. She jumps up a full story breaks window own window, just like a cat would. And then flash forward to the next morning where she sleeping on a shelf. First off that's a very sturdy show, and she's totally clean. And I'm like, where's the scene of her cleaning herself with our tongue? Wait does that. No. I mean, it's yeah. It's kinda gross. Okay. Go on. No. I it sounds like you like you wanted it to turn into sort of. No, dude. Like a Ken that Roddick? Yeah. I left the door open a little. Nothing sexier than a good. Garfield strip. So she goes to she takes you to work. She lose her job because like a catch. He's mean to her boss. But she's not even completely Mijas that weird switching back and forth. She's she's she at one point. She's like meek, and then she gets aggressive and engine. Mealy apologize for is which was actually kind of like a cap. She and she also is she she finds that magic cat again and opens up the charm box on its necklace. And that's what they call those things on a cat's. And it's got a intricately folded piece of paper with an address like you'd expect. She follows that too crazy library about cath cap myths. Think Francis Conroy. How am I doing? Dan is okay. And then France, Conroy is kind of weird. And then she throws what catnip in Halle Berry. And that's the moment when I'm like, I'm so sorry Halle Berry. You got a roll this catnip on your face for like a minute. That's right. Yeah. So how are you on Academy Award? I know. Yeah. And she. Yeah. She throws the ball cat named. She rolls on face and stuff I smelling hands. Because apparently, you can't come down sites. That was the point. I'm like, I don't think this is going to be a serious take on this character. Yeah. She starts shedding all over. So it's being a dick too. So I would love like there's a deleted scene where she just gets distracted by some string in the middle of the conversation. That's basically what was almost what was happening. I don't want to jump. She's like will. And she's also like you're getting close to the heart of this mythology. I'm gonna throw Ken they've been your face to this tract you Francis. Conroy pushes Halle Berry off of a balcony. Basically. She like Guinea has like break like a swinging door like a so moon door into nothingness. Wants to jump down. Yeah. And they really have a home that we get it. She's a she's got cat characteristics. The whole movie to keep hammering that from the point. She's eating cat food by the tin. She says I'm just having a little snack like off, dude. Yeah. What a weird way. I can't help but feel is tied to this being like a. Men trying to make a female hero and making to have the powers of like actual animal Batman having to swoop down in terms, and it's well like walking around like, I can't see anything. Let me yell at second. No one. Yeah. No on the note of I wanted to say say this later, but I'll note of no, no, no, you just brought it up on the note of they making a superhero movie from women like wouldn't more insulting within like the studio heads being like, all right? We gotta make a superhero movie for women..

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