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Night fan. They just traded this week for max patch ready. He's a former Michigan hockey player. So he's a big guy from these parts that we big fans of good play into the Canadians. So we have them, but I'm on a hard out guys. I hate to have to end this, but I do in a blast to have both of you. I wonder what my brother owns a bar in Kansas City, Missouri called Merle's American tavern, peculiar Missouri if you could just stop by and check it out, get him some pointers. Thursdays mural Merle comes on Thursdays Thursday afternoon, yeah, boroughs, American tavern curl is acute Missouri. How far from how far from Kansas City. That's. The outer outskirts? Yeah, just the outskirts of Kansas City by cool with twenty minutes everything. Kansas City is twenty minutes away. I'm going to be there in two weeks. So Earls American tavern show. We can't wait to John. You're coming. Storm. Little bit over Texas number John Deere board. I love it. This This was a was blast. a blast. Let's do it again soon. Okay, great. Physically, thanks, John. Take your guys. Michael Strahan plus a little cruise ship dancer taking over social media. People are coming up to me and asking me for autographs kind of awkward, right, heavy more awkward. Now. Today at pre on NBC four. Imagine moving into a new home in hearing scratching screeching every night inside the wall hundreds of back. They just took over that..

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