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Lil vert went viral a recently after he posted a picture on instagram of twenty. Four million dollar pink diamond. that's implanted into his forehead. You guys have all seen the pictures you diamonds. Yeah twenty four million. It's a huge diamond it out of his forehead and of course it's going to be the topic of conversation but he hasn't spoken about it until recently on his igt video. He explained how he spent the past few years paying off the diamond so we put it on layaway. I guess you say paying off the diamond. And now he came to the in how he came to the decision to put it into his forehead. He said these are his words. I'm be real. So i'm picking out a diamond and we were going to put it in a ring but i'm a be honest. I'm little uzi. I'm turned up so twenty four million on a ring the stupidest idea because i'm looked down in ring and i know me i wake up in odd places and different sceneries. What so since. He don't scenario stupid right him see. That's that's why he got that do the reason he gave putting it in exactly why he got first of all look man not to sound like an old fogy but can i tell. Y'all something if you get your hands on twenty four million dollars come on. Do you know what you can do for yourself. But ain't got a dime in your forehead the homes you could own. Do you know the fund. You could set up for your future. Do you do you. Do you understand how you could travel i. I can't twenty four million four something to sit in your forehead that is of no value sitting there. It's man you saying. Do you know. Do you know if my cousin seat is down he gonna reach fo. Do you know that. I'm just trying to you. Do you know if my seated damn dime he reached our ceaseless. Yes he is he getting got. I'm john i know where you're going through certain hoods and now you got twenty four million stone but you gotta understand. He's twenty six years old with that. Okay that's fine but when my cousins thing you pull out the needle no plans. that's it. he's saying. I hear what you're saying. Surely he said he put it in layaway. Which means you don't have twenty four vailable right people available. I know rich people and you got to do that. But i'm saying is that twenty five twenty six. He's not even thinking on. that level obviously was heard. This is when you shoot a gorilla. Glue the diamond. Not that's which suited the if you wanna make show it. Don't come you gorilla. glue that damn diamond. Now you straight you can use glue own your order back over twenty four million dollar ring. Y'all s stupid gabbling to asia. Man this dude is just talk dollars. Yeah the jeweler said that is a trendsetter. And he won't be surprised if it becomes a trend. We don't think the drolet lose it all right so let's move on because it is time for me. San come on those gentlemen miss an troop. Thank you guys. This is and trip. Well the big story of course is the weather. Let's get that out of the way thirty. Say that some two million people are without power today in texas alone. Some twenty people have died due to the storm. Four people killed by tornadoes in north carolina. There were also tornadoes yesterday. In parts of georgia and florida it also snows in chicago. The last eight days straight. Now the war begins. Donald trump is lashing out at gop. Senate leader mitch mcconnell. He's the senate leader but he's not the senate majority leader anymore. Mcconnell of course voted to acquit trump. One senate impeachment charges but he made this statement soon after no question if president trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the of the day. No question about it well. Trump released a six hundred word statement yesterday calling the kentucky republican a quote dour sullen and unsmiling political hack. And he had that. The republican party can never again be respected are strong with leaders like senator mcconnell at the helm a former trump white house official tells reuters news service at trump and mcconnell stop being best buds when mcconnell openly declared the joe biden had won the presidential election in mid december despite trump's insisting that he won and now in just one term. The republican party has lost the white house and both houses of congress. Meanwhile us senate plans to hold. Its first hearings looking into the january. Six insurrection at us capitol. They're making a date for that. The by the administration is pushing to make the federal minimum wage. Fifteen dollars up from about seven federal prosecutors say that a white north carolina man threatened president biden a series of disturbing phone calls twenty seven david kyle reeves has been charged with threatening a president. No word of freeze belongs white racist group but if convicted of threatening a president reads faces up to five years in prison and a quarter of a million dollar fine by the way he says he was just expressing his free. Free right to say whatever you want whenever you may wanna put down quaker oats for this one after cops and philadelphia. Say they arrested a guy finding deep fried body. Parts in a u haul track and dumpster the philadelphia enquirer says forty seven year old to array Airing another person pulled over by cops. Investing robbery after searching a truck and then a dumpster. They say they found a dismembered body in a trash bag along with the person's hands and feet they've been deep fried finally assigned at times and rather disgusting the los angeles police departments launched an internal investigation. After an officer reported a photo of george floyd us to make us sick and racist valentine's day card last week with the caption. You take my breath away. Apparently being circulated among cops the chief there is embarrassed. He says and disgusted now back to the morning show. You're listening to david. Harvey morning show guys. Women crush wednesday and ashley wednesday as well And sister.

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