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Going to do to your ceiling. I like ceiling Matt paint, you can just use dead flat. He'll do the same thing. But tell me about the colors in your home. Well, I kind liked the topi- colors that I've got some Topi with some green in it, you know, different rooms, I have different colors that it. Oh, I'm not sure what coloring paint this part of the house. Tell me tell me when you say Tope use the colors that you see when you see Tope. Do you see paying her pulse? You see beige DC, grey and beige. Yeah. I see grays and the one in the kitchen is green. But it is like Topi green. It's and then we've got. I don't know contrasting colors around the windows and stuff. But and then I use oranges in blue in there. Okay. So Tope, and and I certainly I just want to also say that I very much appreciate your call and your question. But I always try to remind myself gel that are not just feed you, but I am speaking to our listening audience and a lot of times, and I'm not suggesting this is you I am suggesting though that people should ask a few questions because oftentimes they're calling something Tope that is not. In fact, it is a great like a gray beige color, and it can have a green undertone. It can have a blue undertone yellow undertone, but Tope has a pink purple undertone. And that's what makes it. Atop and so often so that color can read pink pretty quickly, and it's difficult unless it's really more of a yellow Greyfield to work well with oranges. So that's but the green undertone sounds lovely. So your question to me is about the ceiling, and I wanna follow that up with perfect ceiling colors because I think this is a great topic. All right. Hang on here. It will break for headlines here and top local.

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