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And can i say also metal detecting store one hundred percent cells magnet fishing equipment. And we all know that magnet fishing is the new hot shit. Okay everybody's fucking magnet fishing. You know why. Because i'm a fucking lifestyle influence her. I talk about magnificient on this show. People people go out and buy magnets and ropes. Hope they catch themselves a rusty bike. Drag out there fucking cars jordan. Yes do we think we popularize. The sub reddit are slash dragons fucking cars. Was it just a niche community until we mentioned it and blew it up. Yeah it was just people. Previously the sub reddit. Dragons fucking cars was just people who had been sitting around by themselves thinking about what kind of sub reddit. They would like to look at and they came up with the idea. Dragons fucking cars okay. Now that we've talked about it on. Jordan jesse go these people who are horny for us our horny for whatever we talk about so if we talk about dragons fucking cars. They're getting all horned up. They're getting hot and heavy. They're hitting up read at their opening up their read at app their apollo app. I'd like to challenge the premise. That people are horny for us but go ahead chris. Ifc go ahead. chris. I was just gonna say i actually just checked my phone. Stocks and wiffle ball have shot through the roof since whistled socks the next game. Stop yeah people are out here throwing fucking risers yet okay. Two zero six nine eight four four jayco maximum fund dot org. We'll be back in just a second on george jessica. Hey it's john mill and look. These are challenging times for our mental and emotional health. I get it. That's why i'm so excited for my new podcast. Depression mode were tackling depression. Anxiety trauma stressed the kinds of things that are just super common but don't get talked about nearly enough conversations that are illuminating honest. And sometimes pretty funny with folks like kelsey darah open. Mike eagle and patton oswald. Hopefully bogart was never therapy. Limit acid yet. But he smoked a carton of cigarettes a day so he was in therapy plus psychiatrists psychologists and all kinds of folks under pressure mode. We're working together learning helping each other out. Where team join our team depressed mode for maximum fun. Wherever you get your podcasts. Long get your dad. Tell you about the time he broke. Stephen dorf knows the kids choice. Awards in dead pilots society scripts that were developed by studios and networks but were never produced are given the table reads. They deserve when i was a kid. I had to spend my christmas break film and a psa about angel does so. Yeah being a kid. Sucks sometimes presented by andrew reich and ben blacker dead pilots society twice a month on maximum. Fun dot org the show. You like hobo scarf who lives in a magic dumpster doctor. It's jordan jesse go. I'm jesse thorn. America's radio sweetheart jordan morris boy detective and hi. I'm chris gothard. And i was cut from ironman three. Wow wow the. Shane black one. Yeah that's the one do you want to do. You wanna do. Just do the scene here. So the people can just maybe sink it up with disney plus. Oh sure Which one you wants to be don cheadle Either of us should be carl tartar him. Here i'll be. I'll be guy pierce there. I'm sorry you got cut man that would have been a real a real thrill but there's probably probably fun to do. It was really fun to do and it was. I'm mike. An obsessive marvel comics fan from from the seven or eight and it was heartbreaking to get cut but it definitely fits my brand more to get that close in get cut and it's a good story and i squeezed bits out of it all these years later so i mean. What's what's really good about it chris. Now you can get cast in other marvel movies without there being a crossing of the timelines mess up the mcu situation. Well i did get cast. They did a a a wolverine. The long night podcast. That was like a detective. Podcast oh yeah and if you'd see the press releases very often the press releases with list stars and they would list me and i was always so baffled by that because then people started noticing gathered. Finally got in your in. Mcu menu found your way. And who i played was an unnamed librarian who had I think two. Maybe three sentences. So i was confused as to why trotting my name out is one of the show ponies because it was weird of is a librarian. Who told the cat to get off a blueprint. That was the bulk of what i said. But i think what i've actually done. I mean i'm also big marvel comics guy and i actually did a deep dive into this and that librarian was actually a disguised version of king conqueror. So we'll can exist throughout all timelines so takes on forms. I mean if you want to start getting into kang the conqueror we can get into a car at a time. Oh no that's a that's a good came out of time. This come up early. Are you ever at a time when you're talking about how it's a good timelines. Chris point i know a lot about king myself. Don't we all we can all go back and forth talking about kang. The conqueror we were we can just switch it up and talk about a mortis. Yeah gotcha gotcha living. Of course we've finally reached the apotheosis of all podcast which is just an extended series of lists of names of guys. Sure list list list list. Chris gathered where can people check out your new stand up comedy special because everybody everybody listened to george jesse go knows. They need to make a priority of gathered comedy special. They know this is their visit. Their guy. I hope that's true. I hope some people check it out yet. You can get it on amazon and itunes.

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