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The Babri insurance copter thanks Kristin Laurie grantee WBZ's traffic on the threes college's dean devore now with a look at the four day WBZ accu weather forecast all righty Jeff you can probably stop mentioning the showers a looks like the last of them just the off the Cape here the next hour or so we're actually starting to see some brightening in the sky right to the city westward as we get in the afternoon some sunny breaks but there also could be another shower popping up again this afternoon breezy windy at times not as mild low to mid sixties this is actually can be one of the better days going forward tomorrow upper fifties with a chilly wind with some sun the clouds and in Chile are still low fifties with a breeze and some sunny breaks Wednesday Thursday could have some showers in the afternoon high just fifty two and honestly Friday into Saturday could even be worse I'm accu weather meteorologist in devore WBZ Boston news radio great clouds sixty three in Boston SSI recipients if you did not file a tax return last year and have children under seventeen you must act now to get the five hundred dollar economic impact payment per child act by may fifth to receive a payment in twenty twenty go to IRS dot gov and enter your information in the non filer tool by may fifth at six fifty five on the ring central news line this Monday it was fifty years ago today may fourth nineteen seventy the Kent state massacre those who were there remember that day clearly the sun was out it was brisk there was a nice breeze blowing Alan Canfora was a can't state student he never expected the date to turn into one of the darkest in recent American history.

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