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Wow because you know avs i don't know i have no idea what it happened but but we did we were down in fort benning georgia for a little while training and then we went directly over to morocco from there and everybody got to know each other and four bending the joke we have in our family is that you guys all had have you know the crew cut you know and you're all wearing helmets yeah as you should do in that situation and it's hard to tell you apart sure nikolai must've vol doubt was on the show which was really really cool he said he went and saw the film with his mom the film and she says oh my god that scene you had was so and so was so beautiful thanks so much that wasn't me maybe a little better if your mom doesn't know enough scene that was remember i think it was you and mcgregor i think what it was is she thought he was mcgregor which if you're gonna be compared that's pretty cool yeah danish totally got about a hundred pounds difference between detailed dairy impression but it's i don't know i mean it's such an intense film it is just on its own and i was able to wash it like just when religious finish finish cutting i went to down to jerry bruckheimer office and we watched it i was the first person to see it from the cast and and it was just i mean i couldn't believe that just cacophony of noise and in the way that the visuals were just so overwhelming we'd never seen anything like that before that's the thing that people might not remember is that there wasn't ever a depiction of urban warfare on on film like that before it was overwhelming heavy duty fell it's overwhelming and another one another one that was was changed in post production because of actual events so we shot the pre nine eleven and then it was more what we'd shot was more like book mark bowden's fantastic book by the same name excuse me but.

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