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I think people were wearing that. Did we elect a black president or did we elect a president you know. Is he going to be the president for all of us or just the president for some of us and a comment like that tipped white people saying oh he might be a black president a president. And you know yeah. I think we're painting a picture here. I think it's hard to overstate how much this was the turning point on race when basically a lot of white america snapped back and and gave up in a shows you kind of how long or how short the leash was that white. America was granting obama. And almost this idea. I think we very much see it now. I think it extends into now but if this idea of like well you know we convinced ourselves to vote for you. Isn't that enough you know and now you step one step over the line Race and boom. That's it you know your grace period is over. It does seem like one of those things. Where if he hadn't been this it would have been something. Yes that's what i'm trying to say. Wait a minute was waiting for the moment to snap back to pull that. Back yes agreed. So let's then move to this invitation to come over to the white house to have a beer between the two. Because i think also says a lot about obama and his sort of political instincts in his human instincts. But you know. I think at the time i kind of was like well. This is a nice gesture but this idea that like you're going to solve race relations over her. I don't know you know And so i don't know what are you nikki. How did that play at the time. And what do we see now as what it teaches us about how obama navigated this stuff yet sort of a precursor to starbucks conversations about race. I don't look you know it was. It was very obama esque right like let's all sit down and talk about this and come to a common meeting of the mind that if we can all just sit down in a room together we'll be able to work these things out and lower the temperature and Find common ground so in that sense. It was very much in keeping with how obama operated as a politician. And that doesn't actually go away. Like that is a mindset that he is going to bring to negotiations with republicans that he just brings again and again to his presidency By using the people were kind of like. You're gonna sit down over beers since all of this. I think that that was a common reaction. I mean look. It's kind of brushed off as the beer summit You know it's a photo op. In many ways. You have four guys. Sitting around drinking beers or joe biden's case a near beer doesn't drink alcohol but it has this. It has cultural impact almost in the way that the tansu does like people. Don't take it seriously We got a lot of buzz when it happened And i think that people largely stopped thinking about it after it happened except in the except in the way that it changed a lot of public opinion about obama like the incident summit itself maybe but this incident and obama daring to speak out. As we've been saying. I think has a big impact but yes i mean. Obama himself sort of at in real time tried to downplay the summit itself. Which i think he has courses..

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