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Rough trip. A truck fell off. A truck actually ended up in the actual seat, but I can't remember the details of it because it was doing that many traps. But that's only bad costing that I remember. But I think if you're not used to boats, especially call them mentality, they figured it was rough. I mean, some of them weren't bad, but there's obviously the odd storm that does come through. Absolutely. I mean, to cook straight. Yeah, yeah. I mean, but there was only one trip that I remember that was really bad. And that was the ones that have actual truck actually went into the ocean. And actually, you actually, I think, I think they lost it. Does that ever make the news? I can't. Remember hearing about a track falling off of theory. Yeah, yeah. It did make the news. I think it was blue bridge. I mean, on the other occasion, due to due to the timing schedules, I did go on the one of the intra islanders. But I'm pretty sure it was actually bluebridge and it was just a particularly bad storm. All right, thank you for that. Right, and after the break, we've got kissed her calling in from the UK, interesting to hear what he's got to say. And I think he's talking theories as well. Home. They say it's where the heart is. They also say it's wherever you make it. They don't say it's where you unload your stuff get tired halfway through unpacking, use some boxes as furniture, realize your elements in a box that doubles as a nightstand. Don't want to buy a new nightstand and use a towel as an oven Mitt instead. But no matter where you go home, Geico makes it easy to bundle and save on renters and car insurance. Easier than grabbing a piping hot pan with a towel, it's a bit too thin and trying to quickly get it to the counter. Oh. You ready? Bonus days are back for pros at Lowe's. Power the possibilities with the dual 12 inch dual bevel miter saw. 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Do you hear me, can you hear me? A loud and clear at the moment, can you hear me? Yep. Yep. You keep disappearing off my screen. You must be going through rough patches or something. Yeah, just on the road at the moment, the reception where I'm at the moment always pretty patchy is part of the UK, but there we go. Now, you've pulled about theories. I did indeed not as interesting since your callers, but back in the early trick that has lived in New Zealand and I played in a band played in a band that traveled and kicked all the way on both islands. The New Zealand always had some doing the crossing. We had a contra arrangement which I'm sure you're talking about is where we get free travel in return for gigging. On the intro island, that's what we used today. So Gigafactory on the inside. When it was a smooth crossing, it was it was a lot of fun, but that obviously that didn't happen too often because there's quite a lot of crossing. So the number of times we had to check back to our microphone stands while we were playing water street times. We never used some ported, but they were there. They were definitely there in one time as well. What no, it was the first time we actually did the crossing. There's like a service kind of drive where you drive your vehicle up to kind of where the loading areas for the little performance area. So we drove our band additional ton of spiral area and we offloaded all of our gear, we completely forgot due to the suspension of the van. When we offloaded all that gear, because we actually got the fan wedged on the set of roof area of this very oh, I can see how that happened, right. Yes. Of course, a little bit of damage to the ferry that we didn't show them a little bit north and we didn't know and we managed to lower the gear back in and the suspension drops and we're able to reverse out so yeah, but that's sometimes lots of good memories across on the ferries during the gigs lots of fun. Were you with the same band? Would I recognize the name of said band? Probably not. We were in a facial truby band. Called The Beatles. And we played all around all of our New Zealanders for about four or 5 years, mainly because of clubs in the RSAs. Oh, we did my mongoose, the New Year's Eve on the beach we headlined that. That was a lot of fun too. But mainly sort of cozy clubs in RSAs. A Beatles cover band, good on you, kiss, so what did you play? Well, on the left handed bass player and a singer, so I did the McCartney thing, and I ran it as well. I was the boss I was the head on show and I'm still doing a professional musician thing 23 years later. So I have New Zealand to thank for that for allowing me to wear to pursue the old musical thing. Oh, wow. So you're still doing beetle tributes in the UK? Is that what you're doing or doing something else? Now, in fact, I'm off to a wedding tonight. So we're giggling tonight. What time is it here? It's 45 or whatever it is so I need to get a move. But if you get a move on, but yeah, we're all good. So yeah, still there should have stayed 23 years later. Good to hear from you, kisser. Really good to hear from you. Call again. Cheers, rose. Thank you very much. All right, mate. Happy driving, safe driving, all that. Grab Nigel while he's in Nigel, you're there. And should be rewarded. That ain't going tournament trailer. I fell off the theory. It was a full load of pork. It was a T and L one. And what happened was designed at guys, but dinky should have been walking around taking the chains and say and they didn't. And here they got into suspension makes because it was sitting here and of course the trailer dropped on the beach in because the bags weren't pumped out taking it up and the Chinese came loose and she just went straight out of the side so it's still sitting in the middle of the street with a load of pork in it. And back in the days it was back in the 80s all week on the island theories we are mostly trying to tugs on there by the way units are used to sit out of a trailer used to tie the trailers onto the bike now we used to do 7 days on and then we had 7 days off we got time for our 7 days off and we were on the air for the next 7 days or only used to take three and a half days to date a crossing between Wellington and pectin. So every three years they were woken up to go and hop on a truck drive it off hop out electro in another one and drive their back on the bike and that was that was back to now was one main one truck. You might have 6 guys working and then allowed it and picked and then you have a sex attack and Wellington and reload there. One that you're talking about they ran between one to the little ten years to leave at night at 6 o'clock at night and get in at 6 in the morning. And then it would leave down for so long and live well and a 6 at night or get a little turn at 6 in the morning and then on a 6 o'clock date night and go back up and get into wounds and at 6 the next morning. I thought it was an overnight, but I was young. They. By law, you are not only unlocking cabinet seat. By law you know in Adobe. Now the underarm does DJs every night because they do what they call a freight run, right when the car take each other back, but it's still in the dry dock and said that he'd done us 25 years later, but she does around at night to get down about 8 30 out of Wellington gets on the bat midnight. How about 12 and two? And to pick then, share your Sprite island and you'll type draw this, but it will not take person years and cars. Because it takes them to do day days. And they put them up on the outside deck at the back. And that shows the way that the cherries tell them that I've got a Valentine that does fried only, she's done around each night. And so they do the kind of that way, and they don't every day. They are played by George originally was started by a guy by the name of Jamie ocasek, transport. And which also started that break lines. Okay, that name is popping up all the time on the texting as well. Jim died, but her son ran the right lines of freight car to side of it. And the daughter ran the shipping side of it. And Franklin Jim died, they sold that they sold freight lines of solid to strike it. Stanley strikes shipping, which is. Now owned by an American bankroll finance company which has torn out with one of the cruise lines. I was like tied up with the strike shipping table notes on the bottom of Australia from Tasmania, guys across to the all in the net best great shipping in there as well. That's all that was made as well. So now looking at what the other one is. Blue budget is looking at converting a couple of retired cruise ships. There's what the car taking was. That's why she's licensed to carry it. I live in a hundred passengers, or 1600 passengers, because she was a cruise ship. And that director looking at converting two large passenger cruise liners and therefore blowed by just looking at replacing the F sheps with. You're a mine of information there. Nigel, good on you. You can save a size than anybody in New Zealand. Every time in New Zealand, they charge on a willing to bow. They get a better competition startup that counts right the prices. And then what happens is they put the other people in their business while under tried that, but they lost that competition with play bridge because they actually fight for it together. But we're quite often you get a trailer out there you've got undermined and naval books because what ends is royal jump setting guy. We want to put 30 thousand tons of rail on. So they get priority. So I'll take space and then what happens is I have a book you attract I've already not believe it and say right now you want to see the 5 cuts over to you on your sailing and vice versa. They work together. Okay, well not very competitive then but I suppose it gets the trackies across the nets and most important thing. Paying out, taking out which is now moved to stacks. I've just bought a boat. They're going to start doing something. And also at this point, another one that does and no one here, they're both here from Nelson to Plymouth,

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