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His ban on the platform Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes Saturday morning may 7th where the time now is two 18 Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks good morning to you and Crawford in the WTO traffic center Hello there do you know what are the inevitable things that will come about because of all this rain that we have had since literally Friday afternoon high standing water in many spots getting word of new high standing water on the capitol belt where the outer loop in Virginia near Georgetown pike heading toward the dulles toll road said to be blocking two left lanes other spots to watch interleukin Maryland near river road where we always have problems when it rains this much it's raining this much again but can not tell whether or not the road is affected by any high standing water That also would be on the left side if it were That is one of the things to watch out for downed trees down wires another thing to watch were lots of things to keep you occupied if you must drive in this early morning rain and mess 95 in Virginia southbound the crazier one 23 I think it's a single left lane blocked now and then the earlier crash near the Dale City car rest area with caution there the earlier crash in the express lanes southbound Near Quantico that is gone Braddock road both directions between hemming avenue and backlick road lanes are blocked in each direction for the downed tree and wires on the beltway in Maryland on the inner loop ramp to go north on 9 95 watch the right side for crash activity off the road We have a tire rating pothole on the inner loop after four 50 It's right in that overpass and blocking in the right center lane two 70 sound bound to crash was before I three 70 over on the right side Kendall worked out I think that crash is now clear 95 BW Parkway nothing pending right now but again watch yourself very carefully Lots of hazards will literally jump out of the darkness at you with caution if you must travel this morning You get in Crawford WTO traffic Storm team four tracking rain across our area heavy at times watch out some wet roads out there for sure Right on through the day on our Saturday carry the umbrella with you Saturday as more rain is expected.

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