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At WGN TV about their new show on what we can expect. And, uh you know what? They've got planned for this new show. Also coming up right after the news at 10 30. We will be talking with Henry Good. Deena's He is the uh, director of the new show. It's about to open at the Goodman Theater called American Mariachi. Henry Gardena has has directed many, many, many Shows at the Goodman. He's actually their resident artistic associate there. And has staged or had been responsible for numerous shows at this very prestigious theater, so that's going to be coming up as well. We're going to try to also work in this morning. Uh, some, uh, a little bit of cooking chat because we don't have a full food show today. Um, this past uh, Labor Day. We did a whole variety of Recipes for barbecuing. But also, you know, with so many people's tomato plants going crazy right now, by counter was filled with You know, beautiful tomatoes that came out of my yard and I've been just making everything I can possibly think of to use up these tomatoes. One of the best things I made was a tomato. Feta cheese, caramelized onion. Uh, puffed pastry. You lay the you lay the puff pastry out, you know, Roll it out a little bit. Sprinkle some crumbled feta cheese on top of it. I had caramelized some onions separately in a pan, Sprinkle those on it and then sliced up these beautiful tomatoes that just came right out of my yard. And laid. Those on top of it folded the puff pastry over it. Let you know left a little bit of the top still open, but you know, for the most part, it was all folded over. Uh, I put it in the oven, but you could also do it in direct style on the grill. If you want to, to give it a little more of a smoky flavor for maybe I think it was like 15 minutes. Something like that. The pastry puffs up and gets nice and crunchy and the tomatoes and the feta and the caramelized onion all kind of melt together. And it is the licious. We're gonna try to get to some more of these tomato recipes coming up in just a few minutes. When news breaks in Chicago or the world, you'll hear it here and we'll talk about a gear. This is Chicago's very own. 7 20 w G. M. 75 degrees at 10 30. Good morning. I'm David Juan. The news is sponsored by news Nation shootings in Chicago this weekend killed two people and injured least six others and the Taliban raises It's flag in Kabul..

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