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There's been a lotta people are talked to from isaiah thomas seat two jason mcgrady two cianci billups too wang wei katie it's been a bunch of guys who were given me advice that that i'll never forget that they didn't have to but they do a lot of guys who i guess they went out of their way to talks in the backs for vice and they'd giving it to me but none but hausler so an amazing when you got guys like that to choke she were pretty much hall of famers makes you that much more confident he results renew jim you're not i've talked to a number of people that have spent time around you throughout your basketball career in in one of the things that that kept coming up vic was uh your work ethic who weird is that drive to to get in the gym so much come from um i think i mean at the end of the day my parents is still to me this massive they falling into the other worked for and it's at the end new day s i want it all a lot i told everybody i'm chasing number one number one is thus walk chasing until i remember one only way i know to do that get is to work in order to work got to get getting the gym and that's what i'm that's not focus on bills that's all i know he's getting a jim at work so.

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