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Back on the roster in league sucked cells i know he's someone than most people probably i haven't heard about and i'm always cautious when i hear the team really likes this diet is a man who has improving anything but i actually have heard that the team really likes this guy he was on the practice squad and you know i think it was the colts who tried to sign him and the eagles added him to their 53man roster so uh that show it to you that they liked him uh a little bit at least so uh i wouldn't be surprised actually if they treated nick goals if they said you know what i felt is a player who's been in our system he's very cheap were we're not gonna spend that money on another backup elsewhere i would not be surprised at all if he's the guy that they went with denda yeah the uh trade numbers you mentioned i mean i think any offer that comes to them and that starts with the first round pick i paid saying this it's going to sounds really hard sniffle brought the eagles their first super bowl franchise history but i think how we rose than who would drive nick to the airport immediately as soon as he got an offer that involved a firstround pick that that's just my my uh take on the situation may i remember when we were that man who was you and i have certainly at least some of us were sitting here uh at the end of that cowboys game reached seventeen where he wondering hayes nitzan unfilled demon running to start a playoff game for the eagles over nicole's young terrible over the past few weeks but a lot changes over the course of a month as it turns out uh one more question for you uh your colleague athey athletic another friend of the show lindsay adler wrote about tommy conley of the new york yankees who uh is such an eagles fan that he has sixteen eagles jersey's hanging in his locker room and brings four or five eagles jerseys with him on every single road trip he goes on um so let me ask you what do you think is the optimal number of eagles jerseys iin was fans should bring with them on any road trip.

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