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Finale in Atlanta, with the winner taking the three game set there and Eric Fetty starting for the Nationals. He's pitch longer than six innings only once in the last 2.5 months. They'd love to see him go deep into this game. Meanwhile, the Orioles and Royals just underway at Camden Yards in the last game of the four game sets and the Royals already on the board. Nikki Lopez, second batter with a home run to make it one nothing. Royals. We're now in the bottom of the first inning, the Dallas Cowboys in Tampa Bay to take on the Buccaneers in a little over an hour. I'm going to say bucks by a million. This isn't going to be close at all the Washington football team again without Curtis Samuel on the practice field because of the lingering groin injury. But that's nothing compared to what's going on in Baltimore. The Ravens already without J. K. Dobbins and Justice Hill are running back here. Gus Edwards is now lost for the season to a torn A. C L. Marcus Peters also feared to have suffered a torn A C L in the same practice, which would end the veteran corner season as well. The Ravens today adding Devonta Freeman to the practice squad, along with Levian Bell to help at running back the Pittsburgh Steelers breaking bank to keep their best player agreeing to terms with T. J. Watt on a four year $112 million contract. Extension. With 80 million and guarantees that makes him the highest paid defender in the NFL. Based on annual average value. Now, guys is a big brother myself. I can relate to JJ Watts tweet AT T J. He says. Should I send those outstanding I o u s to your accountant, or do you want to just bend? Mommy? That is almost verbatim. What I would have said to him, Rob would fork w t O p sports. All right, Rob, stay with us here. We've got the almost to the weekend forecast, and then we'll hear from the organizer of that controversial rally coming up September 18th. In support of the.

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