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Season that he's been having no. I'm not willing to throw them away. But i want a backup plan. I wanna i wanna plan b right now. We don't have one you said it. Who are we going. Gonna put out there bickford. Who do you want in that wall. You weinberg cleared for does not inspire confidence or a. You're watching the game last night and your dad was like i was telling you on the break. I said me me and my dad watch the game yesterday. My dad as soon as he saw canley coming in. My dad says no not can leave. Why he's going to blow this game we everyone's heart rate goes up when you see kenley come into the game. We can't blow a game against the giants especially we're fighting for first place. You can't blow game against the giants. You just can't do it. And i'll tell you another thing the and i'm and i mean this sincerely if we get into a safe situation tonight dodger stadium you go right back to kenley now. I'd go to try. And i go right back to kenley. Well what do you do you want to. Just roll the window down and throw money out of it. And what is wrong. Way dave roberts did you heard what he said. Do you think. Dave roberts will go right back to kennedy. I don't think it's up to him. Oh come on. he gave. He's part of that decision. Making gave whoever andrew friedman tells them to put out there way. So you're now. You're on the dave roberts puppet and has no say over anything. No it's a collective but i don't think do you think dave roberts was decided. Julio close the world series last year oh no. That was a group that was absolutely right but tonight kenley jansen i can promise you. The group decision has put kenley jansen back out there by the way opportune. What you're saying is not crazy because it's not and it's and it's true well because you you run the risk of losing him but that one color i a good point if he doesn't have it like you pointed out you can tell looking at his movement you can tell looking at his pitch speed whether or not he's on if he loads the basis. Don't wait for him to see how that movie in. So we know how it ends if he's if he lets a couple of guys on. Have some backups. Up there in the bullpen. I know you don't have a lot of people but it'd be better than just throwing another game away in red. Brick furred yeah. The neighbor's tree bickford playing playing ball with phil bickford. Right tone next for you. We'll of questions. I've got a really. I never know what's gonna come up. I never never know what's going to do. You feel it's going to be a really interesting. Feel like it's going to be really interesting that is coming up next for mason ireland seventeen. Espn since when is the can. We not have a little love and kindness in the world. Do we really want to call too slaps around not from miraculous love and kindness or not in his vocabulary air not in his role. Yeah exactly exactly so all right so we're going to do with questions. It's presented by our friends at a hills toyota. If you've got a car that just sitting around not being used bring it to a hills toyota today for an instant. Cash offer plenty hills. Toyota is the house of yes. All right so hor. Hey do you have the wheel ready. We ready to spend that think. Yes it.

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