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This year has to be university. Kentucky you talk. Alabama talk Georgia. When you think about the SEC Kentucky's beaten, Florida they've had knocked off Mississippi State by lot dominated then therefore, no looking great. They have a stunt running back. Benny Snell as good as any running back in the country. And he's going for his third straight thousand yard season. He's a junior at least a true junior to and he was on Jim Rome. It's interesting because we're gonna talk to Mark stoops tomorrow on this show the Kentucky head football coach. But Benny Snell grew up very close to Columbus, Ohio, fifteen miles outside of it, which is obviously Ohio State territory, and they like sponge when it comes to talent in that area. So he was asked about well, you grew up there. Why didn't you go to Ohio State? It's interesting what he says, your take a listen. A real gray area. You know, they were Kunama high school up our talk to them a little bit. I could tell that and two camps on on Friday night lights every day. I mean, every every chance I had you know, I will go to camps. And it's like there was this shying away from me. And I didn't know why you know, I was born to give them all. And I was obviously defense back there soon to learn later that it was politics. They were taking them back to have politics such as committed that here in state or they have a five star rating, you know, that's that's taken true of football away because I just prepared. And I work my fun on forty. Yes. There is politics involved. But you know, what he did work his bought off as did all the other players. You know, you don't become a five star recruit. When you don't work your butt off. And what happened to Benny style? Is he got caught up in numbers? Okay thing. John Bell grew up in Columbus, Ohio and was gonna go to Ken state or a school like that a mid American conference school in the state of Ohio until Michigan was the only I think power five conference offer. He had any jumped at that. And the rest is history, of course. And I think Ohio State would like to have that one back. But here's where Benny Snell is wrong. Okay. Every year Ohio State has its tentacles on five to six running backs who are four or five star players. They're all great high school players. I'm sure Benny Snell was a heck of a high school player. But Ohio State recruits in stratosphere is that very few schools do recruited right? Clemson recruits there, George recruits, their Alabama recruits there. Hard pressed to find another school that recruits to that length we Michigan and get a five star. Here. Notre Dame will get a five star here. US he's going to get a couple here, and there LSU will. But in terms of the cream of the crop, the creme de LA creme, Ohio states in in every conversation with a national recruit everywhere. Right. So for Benny Snell as good as he was locally fifteen miles away from the state campus. They're talking to kids in California. They're talking to kids Diam g academy in Florida. They're talking to kids in Pennsylvania, New Jersey wherever it is. And they're in on those conversations to get them on campus. So yes, are they recruiting against the Penn State? So the Michigans, and maybe there's a verbal agreement for a five star in Ohio State wants to flip them. They're going to do it. The reason is because he's a hell of a player. You can't sign everybody. Right. You have scholarship restrictions. This isn't a bare Brian citing every great quarterback in the country to keep them away from the competition..

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