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So I think is long as you can walk away with like, you know, the listener of things or over reflect on yourself, and you different way and even communicate to that two people. That's that's a way to move forward with it and people can understand that too. I think as well it's really interesting to observe like you did this extra line of pressure that we put upon themselves. It's not just the stress of the situation that you dealing with. But this feeling like you're somehow filing as the site of because you're not handling it. That's not helpful helpful to, you know, and even at a even infliction the practice to tell people to you know, you bring a different person to each meditation session because you've leave him alive, you might find this. If you switch up your sessions, if you meditate when you wake up in the morning, and if you switch attending evening, you might be a different quality and your experiences because you live more live is because you're a different human being because ABC and this happened. So being able to be gentle on our selves is really really important. Do you have any strategies that you use the stain on track with your own practice because it seems that you've got a lot going on with your work life in volunteering, and I think checking in with mine tension with things for a long time. My practice is being I've gone in bouts of being more stoic with my practice and not really being soft and gentle and caring to myself. So maybe that comes from very sort of my martial arts background shooters in top element to it. But for me, it's about checking in with my intention, and even if that's a rating of book or something like that or just switching video will switching up how I met meditate tight and just keeping wise for me to be inspired with one I'm doing so. He you an e useful practices, but the full Ye see someone for meditation session on may be some things that you do yourself after exception just to kind of usually before I like to obviously practice mindfulness myself, and like us, sometimes I if I'm driving something onto a really cool technique that I learned from Russ Harris in one of these workshops, he runs the acceptance and commitment therapy and just a quick cycling of listening to the sounds and feeling my way and going back to the breath, and then going back to the sounds and just a quick cycle. Because a lot of times if I'm having presentational something get a little bit of nerves and was going on. So that saw cling of the different qualities of Mont from us. Whether it's the sound of the white of my feet on the cost Sade or the feeling of my shoulders really helps with an overactive mind because you don't just have to pause the bricks and focus on the breath because you still got things going on. So a gentle cycling through de escalate Smeal little bit not looked at I'm anxious, but it just sort of. The grounds maybe more so refu- sits of those. And that's where world practice. Yes. Just like I deal with allow ourselves time when we arrive at a venue did something to just settle. But I'll traffic gets in the way things get in the lie. So he can do it bringing that mindfulness into the business of everyday life. Yeah. Yeah. And even when I talk to people in the workplaces and things like that..

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