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Why people are dying. More people are dying on the highways, whether year to year or decade to decade. You know why Mr Producer Because the cars are lighter and lighter and lighter. Less steel. More plastic, more aluminum. Um and more rubber, more other types of materials. But they don't build heavy cars anymore because you can't meet the cafe requirements. And they want to push cafe requirements. The adopted what Obama had done and Trump had thrown out wisely. But they've reinstituted and they're going to build cars. That are light beyond belief, and it's very Well, problematic because we do what's called the laws of physics. They're going to have to have these big heavy batteries in them. If they're to be electric. Okay, so What is going to in case Everybody in the car and so forth. In other words, What are you going to use? And so there's not a lot of talk is there About protecting the human being in the car. It's all about mileage. Gotta get the mileage down and I got the mileage fossil fuels are the enemy. Mm. So these things cost lives. These decisions cost whether it's Afghanistan, whether it's the border. Whether it's the economic dislocation, impoverishment they're going to cause over period of time with their economic agenda, just a matter of time. Could be a few years could be 10 years. I don't know, but it's going to happen. Because this keeps up. All right. Let us go to, um Marion. Fort Lee, New Jersey, the great W. ABC. Marion, How are you? Mark. This is such an honor to speak to you. I think you're the greatest American in my lifetime. Oh, my lord. Well, I don't know about that. But you're very sweet. Thank you. No, that is true. And you two years three years ago, we met you and your wife at a book signing and you two were so gracious to us. It was my boyfriend's Christie at the new signed a hat. And even though you weren't supposed to, you did it. And let me tell you that is his greatest possession. Oh, my goodness. Thank you know and I speak from? I think you're his greatest possession. What do you think of that? Well, wait a minute. I'm not allowed to say that. Excuse me. Excuse me. You're not a possession. You are. What's the What's the language? Mr Producer today? You're a birthing person. Excuse me. Heart. Yes, exactly. Although Marion, how can they even say birthing person? If I may? You shouldn't be like you're an abortion person or so they don't You understand that? That's their ideology. Anyway, I digress. You go ahead. Surely awful. Listen, we bought 12 of your books. We're going to be well, you have to hit two million Come on, when we gave it to family and friends, and we just want to hit one million. That would be good at two million. Well, you're very you're going to make that tomorrow. So don't you worry. You're unbelievable. This is a question I had mark when I tell you, we love you. You have no idea how much we love you. You Are helping the country. Like no other. And I'm serious. It's again. It's not just my voice. I have many friends. We all say the same. And your wife says the same thing and you listen to her. She'll tell you I don't and I know, she says it. She She tells you how many people you affect. And your you have no ego. And you don't believe it. But I'm here to tell you you affect millions. Well, you're very sweet Mary. Thank you very, very much. Don't hang up. Fort Lee, New Jersey I love Fort Lee, New Jersey I want to send you a signed copy America marches. I mean, after all you bought 12. Thank you very, very much. My best. Wait a minute. Is your boyfriend still your boyfriend? Yes. Let's get her back. Marion, is your boyfriend. Still your boyfriend? Rob the boyfriend, but he's still your boyfriend. Well, you're taken. So what am I gonna do? Oh, my lord. Well, he should marry you. Well, we've both been married before. I think we've done that. You know, So all right. You know what? Who am I to say? Alright, Marion, give Rob my best and you take care. Thank you. All right. Am I coming back now? What? Yeah, I'll be.

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