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She walks him. This is Russ and Sully. Better live television. I'd taken part in live television studio. Big fish shows on the air. Go tabby along today, Sally. Rusty Nails are beautiful. One more day closer to a shut down here in the Sunshine State with the Sunshine State. Well or is Florida sunshine? I think they are. I've never I've never been to Florida, where it hadn't rained. Really? So, Yeah. 1%. You got the wrong time here. No so his reins all time. If the moisture is not coming from the sky. It's coming from under your arms. There gets hot. Hey, let's take a look at the chart. You haven't liked it so much fun is this. Well, it is because I got a big day. We have James Hirsen joining us here today. Busy. We got way have the If you love someone gifting stock to your kids expendable, real expert on that we'll give them coming up with good, Tyler an account you get Tyler an account and you give it to him. Take a look at here is the Dow Jones. So what you're looking at there is just an unbelievable What story in Fear and greed. So what happened in at the end of March there on the Dow during covert when we lost 30% down, Okay. And all those people that sold there. What happened to you? What he locked in their losses right there took it off the table locked in their losses. Now, will you look at the Dow now at 29,000? Don't you say to yourself, man. I wish I would have bought him there in March. Right. Who did some Did? What? Everybody down. Yeah, exactly s. Oh, and if you go and run this exact same chart and take it from the year 2007.

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