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Other sister. And good prime Barbara Lee. Thank you so much to congresswoman delauro are godmother, and our friend and a great leader who has stayed. The course who is passionate and valiant and really displays a clarity of purpose in her life. And this is a day. Rosa's very very exciting. I am so happy today and lily, let me just like you. I was there the White House when President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter act, and that's what a proud day that was we're all of us and to Adriana into all of our groups here today, we wouldn't be here today if it weren't for you. So thank you so much. Let me just say a couple of things I as my colleague congresswoman brindell Larne Lawrence. Great woman from Detroit. Michigan just said mention. In terms of poverty. Make no mistake that it the gender pay gap is a poverty trap. It's a poverty trap. Pay discrimination unequal, pay in the workplace prevent women and families from climbing into the middle class, and we all know that the wage gap is most severe as has been set earlier for women of color who face discrimination because of their race. And yes, their gender. So both we face and these numbers have already been shared today. But they bury painting while white women earn just eighty cents just eighty cents for every dollar pay toe. White man black women make sixty three cents on the dollar native. American women make just fifty seven cents and Latina's make a shocking fifty four cents to every dollar made by a white man for far too, many families, especially families of color, the wage gap. Is the reason why they can't afford groceries or rent at the end of the month. And yes. In their senior years as low as mentioned this also security checks and their retirement savings and their retirement security is so much less and social security has been a pathway out of poverty for so many. And here we have women now in their senior years not being able to afford to pay their bills because of the lifelong pay discrimination and wage gap that they experience and have been victimized. Now, I started working when I was about fourteen and I was on work study, then and even then the boys got more. And it was and then I continued to work throughout my life. I've never stopped and. It was very very difficult. When I realized that I was making a lot less than. A man or boy, then was making and I was doing the same work, but yet because of the chilling effect of this and learning this I never said anything about it. And just took it will you and Adrian and all my colleagues here today, and Rosa you are saying no more women do not have to take this anymore. We're going to pass this Bill. It's inexcusable that this wage gap still exists. A recent study found that closing the wage gap would cut poverty rates among working women in half from eight percent to three point eight percent. Now, that's funny. So it's not just a question of fairness and equality that all of us are fighting for, but it's also one of economic and racial Justice. So as pastime the congress passed HR's cleven, right? Rosa HR seven the paycheck fairness act to ensure that women receive equal pay for equal work with that. I am now incredibly proud to introduce our sister from New York congresswoman Cossio cartoons. LC? Incredible energy and brilliance and vision to the house of congress. News conference earlier today on Capitol Hill, a programming note on C span radio the house and Senate homeland security conference committee, which will be discussing border security, including President Trump's desired border wall funding between the US and Mexico scheduled for one thirty pm eastern has not yet begun because there are votes happening on the house for when it does begin. We'll go live on C span radio until then more from the news conference earlier. Thank you, so much congresswoman Lee, and I'd like to thank all of the organizers and the women who who organized and worked so hard to make this moment happen. I often tell our folks back home that we can legislate as far as we organize and it really starts with that on the groundwork. I'd also like to thank all of that all of all of the women who in in congress who worked to bring this legislation not just to the floor. But to be one of the top ten priorities for the democratic caucus. That's been a powerful message to this country. That says women matter that people have all gender identities should be treated equally. And you know, it's it's it's really impactful to be here and also to CDs. Organizers of in the back of here up front to show that this is truly an intergenerational issue. I remember when I was a teenager. We read about feminist movements..

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