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The count is still going on in Georgia, in Nevada, in Pennsylvania and in Arizona, although Arizona has already been called for Joe Biden by Fox News, among other outlets. Now. LeBron James and others paid the fines of some 40,000 felons in Florida after About an initiative pass it allowed convicted. Convicts. Who are you? Free and who have paid their fines any outstanding fines to be eligible to vote. So four counties were targeted. In those counties. At least 80% of felons who finds And fees were paid are non white. Including 74%, who are black and in those counties about 68% of registered Democrats, which is why those two counties were chosen. And according to the daily why you're celebrities and donors spent about $27 million paying off felons depth to the court. So they could register to vote. LeBron James. In tribute to an organization called Florida Writes Restoration Coalition, a group that's been paying off the fines of Florida felons and also through his own voting rights campaign called Mohr than a vote. And James groups consist off fellow black athletes. On focused on turning out the black vote. Of course, the black vote for Joe Biden. At the time, LeBron James tweeted and I'm quoting him. This is a fight about their constitutional right. The vote being denied. End of quote. Meanwhile, A childhood friend of LeBron James. Has been murdered in Akron. A childhood friend. Is a sister. Of a childhood friend that he knew. He tweeted. Akron, Ohio. My brother's sister was murdered this past weekend in her home. My brother's family need answers to why and by whom? A zoo. Heard was murdered. She was fatally shot, according to the Akron Beacon Journal, but no other details other than the crime has not been solved. The victim was a woman who ran a daycare in Columbus will move back to Akron last year to be close to her family. Said to be well known. Her name is Erika Uem's 37 Year old said to be well known throughout the area for her kindness and our impact on the community. She even won an award from the Akron Beacon Journal. For extraordinary women in the Akron area in 2005. She said, to helped to have helped raise 10 kids. Her father said He always wanted to help you. Now. Why did I mention this? Was, you know, LeBron James has been outspoken on the narrative. Phony, thick narrative about police, systemic racism. When George Armory Armand operate the man that was killed. Jogging in Georgia died. LeBron James tweeted that we meaning black people I assume are afraid to leave our homes. Anyway on the death of George, Florida weighed in on the shooting. Of Jacob Blake. Never mind. These instances are extremely unusual. As I've said over and over and over again out of a population 303 150 million people. Cops kill every year about 1000 people. Almost all of them were resisting with a weapon or resisting violently. When you get down to unarmed blacks being killed by white cops you're talking about less than 4%. Of that 1000 in an arm does not necessarily mean that dangerous. Michael Brown was unarmed, but he was perceived reasonably by the officer. As being dangerous. Meanwhile, last year over 7000 black murder victims, almost all killed by other blacks. So LeBron James has weighed in heavily. When a black man is killed by the cops as if it's happened. Frequently. It doesn't Out of all of the homicides. Black victims. 3/10 of 1%. Were white cops killing unarmed black man. Three tents of one. Percent. What, unfortunately, is far more commonplace. It's a crime going on in Chicago. And in Baltimore, and in ST Louis. The homicide rate is three times higher than the homicide rate in Chicago. Chicago gets all the publicity because of such a large city but on a per capita basis. Baltimore ST Louis three times worse. And I've said this before, and I know LeBron James is probably not listening to my radio show. But assuming somebody Who knows? LeBron James is listening. Would you pass along a suggestion to him? LeBron James has been an extraordinarily good role model. He married the mother of his Children. It was a cover story Sports illustrated in the nineties with a Picture of a black boy holding a Basketball, and the caption was, Where's my daddy? And it was about all of these players in the MBA who've had Children out of wedlock, one former player turned agent was quoted as saying. For every player with none, there's a guy with two or three end of quote. If LeBron James really, really, really want to do something to improve the black community, stop pushing a phony narrative that's getting people killed. Getting people killed in the streets protesting cops pull back bad guys know it because they're cops are afraid of being accused of racism. Very people that people like LeBron James claims they care about are the ones who are hurt. And you are really telling by word and by deed if you are a young black man, and you're pulled over by the police Why should you cooperate? His office is out to get you. This officer is racially profiled you so why should you cooperate? Thereby making a already tense situation far more likely to devolve into possible violence. You're making things worse. LeBron James, and you're making things worse by not dealing with the number one problem facing the black community and that is the absence. The fathers. I've told you this story before. I've tried to get people like Jesse Jackson on my program. Al Sharpton on my program. Louis Farrakhan. I've been on the air Now. I'm with 30 years in all this time. I've invited these gentlemen on numerous times. They've never even returned the phone call in most cases. One of these so called leaders I was able to get on his name is Kwesi Mfume May he was then the head off the And I said, Mr Infamy, as between the presence of white racism or the absence of black fathers, which poses the bigger threat to the black community without missing a beat, the man said. The absence of black fathers in fact, He left the CP. Not long after we had our interview. I'm not saying it was because of it, but I always felt he had friction between the leadership of the the chairman was a man named Julian Bond..

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