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There a for sure for sure. I think at some things. So i end my career around around Fully community five. Or maybe even a fully committed seventy who knows all That's what i see. Always we see what happens you all just commandment my coaches. They want commitment. I won't commitment. Usually one commitment. Seems you want commitment. So let me see what he could. Could i ask In if you don't answer totally fine what do you walk around. Come away right now in. La right now. So i got the a. visor now so i'm in hollywood so hollywood the you don't really say too much tonight is like no scales there in your hotel room. I haven't seen a scale for for months. Well i'm just wondering 'cause once like one fifty five. I understand one. Seventy though is a pretty big jump from where you're at now. Yeah i mean you should happen. You know like i said i. I love old decent food. Muay eating everything that i work for and And we should happen on. The time will tell all and i'm i'm just loving it house the cut like this past cut. How was it for you great. I mean super great. I mean we we just keep. I'm not gonna lie sucks. It's cutting way you know. But we keep finding little tricks and trades that make it make it a little easier. But it's tough. I mean instead of tough cut and I just i feel good man. I i mean the my my strength and conditioning went good nutritional Fiance really got me on the right track with eating right and even offseason eating right so i just everything is firing on all cylinders right now. wanted us to question a. Can you confirm that was in fact you on the skateboard. During that conor mcgregor interview with the fire. is a very funny clip. I'm sure you saw it. He says max was that in fact you on the skateboard. Oh one hundred percent. It was funny. Because i was riding a skateboard end in. I just happen like We know where. All the usc stuff as. Yeah you know like from the windows and stuff and we had to go. All week allergies telling one animals. Like funny like bombarding someone's interview. I was like because i can stupid riding. My skateboard like Like doing student movements and then of course connors the guy in i'm like oh man that blanda a did you actually see him because you were in the same motel. Did you have any interactions with them. Now i didn't run into him at all. I didn't see him no. I wasn't able to see him at all on our ran into his coach at wiz eating dinner. One of the places on his downstairs Cavanaugh then he. John had his baby babies little cute. Little thanks Okay what did you think of his performance against us. What did you think of how that fight played out. I mean when when you see what happened. You know dustin winning their did his thing came Did this did you know Dare fuzzy could. He do a certain way of fighting with with dustin Reminded him that zimei Got caught limit mindset. Boxing but doesn't is thing man. You can take nothing away from yes do you think he needs to maybe go back to his old striking style. That was the big talking point after the fight that he was too flat for the to boxing like as opposed to his old ballot on his on his way. He has little more balanced Squatty kick in got some great kick saw i. I don't know what you need to do. To be honest you know i just. I just know that he'd be back better than ever like he always does and We see what happens in the next few months what happens. Who do you think wins the trilogy. And don't say the best man win. lose your pick. You know both these guys very well. I i don't know it's one guy shows up. And i mean it's what guy goes up that night you know and Dustin showed up one night One night in phnom. We're gonna find out who shows up on the third in you're vocal about kind of being that guy that may be can bring hubby battle. Retirement is that it had a list the bucket list of the guys. You wanna fight before it's all said and done at the top Kabibi is Is one of them for sure. I mean as i keep telling his legacy fighting alan fights Cement my name forever in this sport even long gone. He's one of the guys as up there for sure. He did what he did. A is one pound for pound fighter in the world and he's retired As a lot of men saw i i would. I would love to Guard i know we're supposed to did that. did Supposed to run at one time. I mean you can call him vice but i think so minded. His press conference was the best press conference you ever saw in his lifetime so i think it was great. Why do you think it was one of the best i mean. Where'd you there. I was there. But i want to know from your allies is crazy man. We had the whole place. Bump dan it was abi would actually Name time. Let me see era name time where we've actually talked to someone in a press conference. This guy was straight calling me. All my shit on what is going on is good fun. You got to see emotion out of kabaeva now and you know like he used it on the league. Now i'm just gonna smash you actually like this actually have having. The tunnel is a with london. I want you to think that regret. I'm saying regret in the way that most people use the word regret like. Oh i wish. I could have done this differently. But the fact that that fight didn't happen in the way it went down a couple of days later. Is that a regret a big regret for you. That's something that you still think about a lot. Main not really. I don't really think about it. You know you live. You let go you know it happens. I believe things happen for a reason. That wasn't the right. Time was on the right place for. I don't know what four but it wasn't. You know if it was made the walk did it. But you know some unfortunate things happen then not going to do on it you know. There's no there's no reason to you know. I have no control over it. You know as time moves on and you got to move on with it okay. And of course delaying the inevitable here but the big question is you're fighting for the belt next right like you're fighting. The winner of vulcan off skier teigen. That's not a question right. Yeah i mean you know.

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